earth mother

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earth mother

1. A goddess or female spirit representing the earth as the giver of life; a fertility goddess.
2. A woman combining maternal and sensual qualities.
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earth mother

1. (European Myth & Legend) (in various mythologies)
a. a female goddess considered as the source of fertility and life
b. the earth personified
2. informal a sensual or fecund woman
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earth′ moth`er

n. (often caps.)
1. the earth conceived of as the female principle of fertility and the source of all life.
2. a female spirit or deity serving as a symbol of life or fertility.
3. a sensuous, maternal woman.
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Earth Mother

Also known as the Great Mother, this is a deity worshiped by some modern witches.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: mother - the earth conceived of as the female principle of fertility
earth goddess, earth-goddess - a goddess of fertility and vegetation
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Cato says that the profits of agriculture are particularly pious or just (maximeque pius quaestus), and according to Varro the old Romans "called the same earth Mother and Ceres, and thought that they who cultivated it led a pious and useful life, and that they alone were left of the race of King Saturn."
I was no 'earth mother.' I was not glowing with an inner light...I was feeling warm all the time, I couldn't sleep, and for most of my pregnancy I could not stand the smell of cooking oil, soy sauce, and garlic.
Druids care for all living things which they regard as the holy offspring of the Earth Mother and spring from the One Light.
The owner of a small vegetarian restaurant in Nicosia comes across as a real Earth mother, nurturing and keen to see men and women stick to traditional roles.
Ronan described her as an "earth mother" and said she is far more laid back when it comes to parenting than he is.
It is this civilization which believed and advocated that Earth Mother is our sustainer and our identity.
(Before, I said) 'I'm going to do hypnobirthing, no drugs, be this perfect Earth Mother' then everything that could go wrong went wrong and I had all the drugs imaginable and 20 hours of labour and an emergency Caesarean and a premature baby.
The earth mother is the central metaphor of the collection; the lyric "I" is sometimes the speaker, sometimes female ancestors and elders, sometimes the Assi, and, often, all three at once.
SALT OF THE EARTH Mother and daughter Jacqueline and Emily Lynch of Edinburgh City Council.
Among the topics are from mapping to meaning, the evolution of the consciousness of God and the Gospel of John, the lost land and the Earth mother: African mythology and the issue of land in southern Africa, and the Johannine logos-hymn as a cross-cultural celebration of God's creative-redemptive work.

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