earth tones

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n. pl.1.colors like those of soil or earth; brownish-reds and browns.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Earth tones naturally create festive warmth to your home.
In classic Zen fashion, poet/philosopher Richard Modiano as captured by Neil de la Pena's camera is clearly in the world but not of it--an effect achieved in part by the vibrant earth tones of his garb as contrasted with the white, ethereal hues of Beyond Baroque's interior.
Speaking of blending in, the WICKED INTENT[TM] camo pattern does a good job of getting that done by way of 14 natural earth tones and a super-large size that creates a "repeat effect" you have to see to fully understand.
The DC muses were all transformed into modern, fashionable versions of six Chinese Zodiac characters: award-winning actress Ana Capri as the Dog wearing a black-and-white cosmopolite ensemble; photographer/model Lovely Morales as the Snake sporting a turban; beauty queen Bence Bianzon as the Tiger in chic earth tones; Camille Sedar as the Rooster in a psychedelic printed caftan; Caren Retamar Braun as a pretty Sheep clad in a classic dress and fur stole; and Stephanie Archival as playful as a Rabbit in a jumpsuit.
Caption: With touches of ivory and gray over bright earth tones in a meticulously layered, mosaic-like pattern, Latigo is one of five color palettes for TundraBrick (shown here) and three other series.
"With the earth tones palette, it is possible to imitate the natural look and feel of wood.
After its regional launch earlier this year, HeartFelt is now expanding its colors tones to black and white, plus five new earth tones -- cream, light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and umber.
Designed by Jie Pambid, dean at Philippine School of Interior Design, the first look uses warm, earth tones in a backdrop of bronze and brass accents evocative of the roots of the season's pastoral festivities.
The collection consists of 40 different products, all themed in "Earth Tones".
Leading soloist Maria Vinogradova warms up in skintight earth tones that keep every shape crisp and clear.
Sherwin-Williams recently added Kem Aqua SoPro, Kem Aqua Wood Grain and KEM Aqua Earth Tones exterior siding topcoats to its Kem Aqua family of finishes.
* Neutral colors and earth tones are great choices, especially deeper greens and maroons, which look flattering on many different skin tones and provide a smooth transition into fall.