earth tones

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n. pl.1.colors like those of soil or earth; brownish-reds and browns.
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With the earth tones palette, it is possible to imitate the natural look and feel of wood.
Sherwin-Williams recently added Kem Aqua SoPro, Kem Aqua Wood Grain and KEM Aqua Earth Tones exterior siding topcoats to its Kem Aqua family of finishes.
In order to overcome the blackness of the tires, an effective coloring method was needed to provide the pavers with the rich, natural earth tones of competitive materials.
But the perception of earth tones has been reinvented, according to Eisemann.
Cheeks bloom with a hint of fresh color, while eyes allure in shades of deep indigo and rich earth tones.
Softer, neutral colors and earth tones continue to dominate much of the area-rug landscape, rug makers concurred.
From early period colors to modern earth tones and mixes, there are plenty of outstanding examples perfect for selecting the right color shade and combination, making this a top pick for any lending library strong in home and garden guides.
The new style jelly beans are colored in earth tones derived from natural sources of color, such as red cabbage juice and grape skins, and the flavor profiles are "intensely" fruity.
Fennell continues to further her own artistic path through her use of vibrant color and subtle earth tones with sassy, yet refined, female figures.
Usually when you think of that period, you think of faded earth tones because that's what you see in a museum.
The collection's colors are calming, clear, and clean, and include updated versions of classic greens and blues accented with tones of gray, neutral earth tones, and gold.
Earth Tones offers wireless service, long distance telephone service, and internet access and gives 100% of its profits to environmental groups.