adj.1.having the color of soil or earth; reddish or reddish-brown.
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All depict earth-colored landscapes, from which emerge nomads in jewel-toned robes.
This featured stone construction, a cable fence along the upper road and walkways; The final design was called Arkansas Ledge Stone, and it featured earth-colored stones with white panels.
Sawangwongse Yawnghwe's Spirit Vitrines (Memoirs of a Shan Exile), 2016, showcases hundreds of earth-colored amulets made of clay, wax, soap, mud, rice paper, felt, fiber, pigment, water, oil, and spice.
To supply this and balance out the energies, wear earth-colored tones like brown, beige and terra cotta,' she advised.
The "swoop," a curving steel tube, visually divides the earth-colored panels from the sky-colored panels on the facade, and recalls the profile of the hills surrounding Missoula.
Avery spec'd this rifle to be used with a Harris bipod, Flat Dark Earth-colored Leupold Mark 4 LR/T 3.
The floor in the residences is a warm, reddish, earth-colored Mexican tile that is refreshingly cool to touch yet provides a natural anchor for the walls' rich colors.
We want to give new meaning to the existing landscape," Femia says about the plan, which intends to integrate existing Fascist-era buildings and gardens with an added 2,400-seat main viewing venue, the outer shell of which would be made in Venice's shipyards with a mixture of resin and organic earth-colored materials.
With its cool, clean lines, earth-colored walls and teak furniture, 808 seems hopelessly out of step with its more pedestrian neighbors.
We stop next to earth-colored pottery jugs set in a cluster "You'll be preparing our meals, bathrooming us, doing laundry, lifting if needed.
Both have striated fields with an earth-colored palette of umbra-dyed yarns.
by smaller braves with shoulder-length hair, also shaped from earth-colored clay.