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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of this earth.
a. Terrestrial; not heavenly or divine: earthly existence.
b. Worldly: earthly delights; one's earthly possessions.
3. Conceivable; possible: no earthly meaning whatever.

earth′li·ness n.
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What a fool is he who locks his door to keep out spirits, who has in his own bosom a spirit he dares not meet alone,--whose voice, smothered far down, and piled over with mountains of earthliness, is yet like the forewarning trumpet of doom!
"The fact that you wore no ornaments is a strong proof of your un-Barsoomian origin, while the absence of grotesque coverings might cause a doubt as to your earthliness."
190-94) For someone being clad in clothes is proof of his earthliness, but here it is more out of an unease with the earth and influences upon the Earth that he wears green.
He wrote:"Whether we speak of God's humanity or humility we are paying attention to God's earthliness. For God is God of Earth as well as of heaven.
For one thing, Alfred could experience for himself the earthliness of any kind of measurement along with the limitations of naked eye observation.
Tamisha Guy is a jumble of contradictions in the best possible sense: She marries ease and strength, regality and earthliness, balletic lift and sultry swagger.
The set of works in the second section was a complete departure from the first, marking the earthliness of its orientation.
This phenomenon is undoubtedly a consequence of axiological transformations of contemporary society since this is a society of youth and vitality, of earthliness and pleasure.