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Of great consequence or importance.

earth′shak′ing·ly adv.


1. of enormous importance or consequence; momentous


(ˈɜrθˌʃeɪ kɪŋ)

imperiling, challenging, or significantly affecting basic beliefs, attitudes, relationships, etc.
earth′shak`er, n.
earth′shak`ing•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.earthshaking - loud enough to shake the very earth
loud - characterized by or producing sound of great volume or intensity; "a group of loud children"; "loud thunder"; "her voice was too loud"; "loud trombones"
2.earthshaking - sufficiently significant to affect the whole world; "earthshaking proposals"; "the contest was no world-shaking affair"; "the conversation...could hardly be called world-shattering"
significant, important - important in effect or meaning; "a significant change in tax laws"; "a significant change in the Constitution"; "a significant contribution"; "significant details"; "statistically significant"


[ˈɜːθˌʃeɪkɪŋ] adj (fig) → sconvolgente
References in classic literature ?
Then commenced a bombardment which brought forth earthshaking roars from Numa.
After an 11-game losing streak, Foton was tipped to easily fold up, but Jaja Santiago and import Courtney Felinski willed the Tornadoes to an earthshaking 27-25, 19-25, 25-22, 16-25, 15-12 victory in their first quarterfinal battle to push the powerhouse Cargo Movers to the brink of a massive defeat.
The Tornadoes forced the Cargo Movers to a rubber match after pulling off an earthshaking 27-25, 19-25, 25-22, 16-25, 15-12 triumph in the opener of their Last Four duel with Jaja Santiago and Courtney Felinski spearheading the assault.
Earthshaking movements buried plant material from swamps and peat bogs, which were covered under clay and sediments to the great depths.
After details emerged the DCI is probing what may turn out to be an earthshaking scandal, the politicians, including MPs who have been quiet on the project, are worried.
While this is not an Earthshaking sum of money, in an age of austerity a gesture of solidarity like this can go a long way.
They expect God's Kingdom to be inaugurated in a dramatic, earthshaking manner.
It's a diplomatic tete-a-tete, but nothing earthshaking. [It's] more of confidentiality; I hate to break the rules.'
Still when Mr Percy gets back to London he can put his feet up and watch EastEnders, another earthshaking, real-life, portrayal of life this time in East London, a part of the city that one would enter with great caution.
These skills include Earthshaking Strike, Mighty Blow and Whirlwind.
Engineers and insurance adjusters might want to pay heed, but most residents of New England won't find the new maps earthshaking.
Earthshaking new apps on phones Dear Sir, The announcement that newly configured apps on smartphones could provide timeous warnings of earthquakes, is undoubtedly the scientific feat of 2013.