adv. & adj.
To or toward the earth.

earth′wards adv.
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(ˈɜːθwədz) or


towards the earth
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It is somewhere under the ground," and he waved to the jungle all about them, pointing earthwards.
Upon my doing so there followed a moment of suspense only comparable to that which Madame Blanchard must have experienced when, in Paris, she was descending earthwards from a balloon.
"No Government can stand by and watch a country plummet earthwards because of a political dogma of a minority of a minority, which is what the ERG are and the people that are pressuring on that end."
Eye witnesses said he got into difficulties shortly after take-off and it is thought the glider stalled due to lack of speed and it went into a deadly spin heading earthwards.
A few feet away, Ramos, whose tackle had sent him earthwards, backed away quickly, and set up organising his defenders, to draw attention away from what he'd just done.
Unfortunately, there are no screens or readouts or bar graphs to tell you how badly you are driving, but there is an ordinary fuel gauge which shows a satisfying reluctance to drop earthwards as you amble along.You can amble along at 1500rpm or you can rip the Southern Bypass apart at 3000rpm, and right into the firing line of an overeager speed gun.
So, if you are out and about in hill country, you may see ravens flying high and then plummeting very rapidly earthwards.
"Suddenly a man shot earthwards towards the extended sheet manned by firemen, police and volunteers.
- Pakistanis cheered as one of the 4 Indian fighters burst into flames and spiraled earthwards from the clear blue sky, trailing smoke.
But even this would be problematic, as chunks of nuked rock falling Earthwards could cause almost as much damage as the whole thing hitting us.
Somewhere down a parent's line, you said and looked earthwards at your toe caps pawing grey Midwestern gravel, somewhere down the line native blood pushes at your insides.
Most fun is River Rafting on a 600-metre track and plunging earthwards on the Loop Slides.