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2. A melody or a portion of a piece of music that is involuntarily repeated in one's mind.

[Sense 2, translation of German Ohrwurm, earwig, (musical) earworm : Ohr, ear + Wurm, worm.]


(Pop Music) informal an irritatingly catchy tune
[C20: from German Ohrwurm earwig]
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Despite the overt goth stylings, von Hausswolff has a voice and melodic sensibility not too far removed from Lana Del Rey, so the doominess and sheer length of the songs are offset by earworm tunes.
The only problem is the one Fernando has given us - a terrible ABBA earworm.
But it gave me an annoying earworm - 70s classic, Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West).
Camila Cabello almost collaborated with The Chainsmokers for the song 'Closer,' which blossomed into a global earworm and became the second to hit a billion streams on music-streaming service Spotify.
This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it does veer on being an earworm, particularly when it comes to the Middle Eastern melody.
THE key to writing an earworm tune is to keep it simple but to have a twist, research has found.
Luckily, with Raff Eragona, the group's ear for a crafty earworm remains and the songs don't sound like they are trying to fit in with whatever NME are slavering about.
Varieties with tight husk tips (such as Argent) often show only modest earworm damage.
Com earworm (Helicoverpa zea) herbivory to maize is economically damaging worldwide and provides many challenges for farmers and consumers.
The opening segment to a December 2014 Saturday Night Live segment parodying the United States Military torture report joked the earworm was created by the same psychologists who developed the torture techniques and wondered whether the charity helps the kids or the cars.
Westbrook and Eyster obtained 15 days of NEXRAD data from the NWS installation at Brownsville, Texas, to see if they could use it to detect flights of corn earworm moths during peak migration times from cornfields in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.