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1. Situated toward the east.
2. Coming or being from the east: easterly winds.
n. pl. east·er·lies
A storm or wind coming from the east.

east′er·ly adv.
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of, relating to, or situated in the east
adv, adj
1. (Navigation) towards or in the direction of the east
2. from the east: an easterly wind.
n, pl -lies
(Physical Geography) a wind from the east
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(ˈi stər li)

adj., adv., n., pl. -lies. adj.
1. moving, directed, or situated toward the east.
2. (esp. of a wind) coming from the east.
3. toward the east.
4. from the east.
5. a wind that blows from the east.
[1540–50; obsolete easter eastern (Middle English ester, perhaps representing comp. of Old English ēast east) + -ly]
east′er•li•ness, n.
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If something moves in an easterly direction, it moves towards the east.

The yacht was continuing in an easterly direction.

However, an easterly wind blows from the east.

There was an icy easterly wind blowing off the sea.

The most easterly of a group of things is the one that is furthest to the east. The form easternmost is also used with the same meaning

...Indonesia's most easterly province.
This is the easternmost point in North America.
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Noun1.easterly - a wind from the easteasterly - a wind from the east      
levanter - an easterly wind in the western Mediterranean area
air current, current of air, wind - air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure; "trees bent under the fierce winds"; "when there is no wind, row"; "the radioactivity was being swept upwards by the air current and out into the atmosphere"
Adj.1.easterly - lying in or toward the east; "the east side of New York"; "eastern cities"
east - situated in or facing or moving toward the east
2.easterly - from the east; used especially of winds; "an eastern wind"; "the winds are easterly"
east - situated in or facing or moving toward the east
Adv.1.easterly - from the east; "the winds blew easterly all night"
westerly - from the west; "the wind blew westerly"
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fra østi østlig retningmod østøstlig
austlægurí austurátt
doğudoğudadoğudan gelendoğuya doğru


A. ADJ [wind] → del este
we were headed in an easterly directioníbamos hacia el este or rumbo al este or en dirección este
the most easterly point in Walesel punto más oriental or más al este de Gales
B. Nviento m del este
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[ˈiːstərli] adj [point] → à l'est; [wind] → d'est
in an easterly direction → en direction de l'estEaster Monday nle lundi de Pâques
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adjöstlich, Ost-; an easterly windein Ostwind m, → ein Wind maus östlicher Richtung; in an easterly directionin östlicher Richtung
n (= wind)Ostwind m, → Ost m (poet)
advnach Osten
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[ˈiːstəlɪ] adj (point, aspect) → orientale; (wind) → da est, di levante, dell'est
in an easterly direction → in direzione est
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(iːst) noun
1. the direction from which the sun rises, or any part of the earth lying in that direction. The wind is blowing from the east; The village is to the east of Canton; in the east of England.
2. (also E) one of the four main points of the compass. He took a direction 10 E of N / east of north.
1. in the east. the east coast.
2. from the direction of the east. an east wind.
towards the east. The house faces east.
ˈeasterly adjective
1. (of a wind, breeze etc) coming from the east. an easterly wind.
2. looking, lying etc towards the east. We are travelling in an easterly direction.
ˈeastern adjective
of the east or the East. an eastern custom.
ˈeasternmost adjective
being furthest east. the easternmost city in America.
ˈeastward adjective
towards the east. in an eastward direction.
ˈeastward(s) adverb
towards the east. They are travelling eastwards.
the East
the countries east of Europe. the Middle/Far East.
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References in classic literature ?
Still, the easterly winds, and, generally speaking, the easterly weather all the world over, is characterized by regularity and persistence.
In fact (not to attribute the whole gloom of sky and earth to the one inauspicious circumstance of Phoebe's departure), an easterly storm had set in, and indefatigably apply itself to the task of making the black roof and walls of the old house look more cheerless than ever before.
"Exactly, for Amy keeps me pointing due west most of the time, with only an occasional whiffle round to the south, and I haven't had an easterly spell since I was married.
He went by Princes Street enjoying the mild sunshine, and the little thrill of easterly wind that tossed the flags along that terrace of palaces, and tumbled the green trees in the garden.
The street was rather more than a mile away from us, in an easterly direction.
'mcCoy was noncommittal, though he said that in the Paumotus there was no reason why it should not be an easterly current.
His surname was Cruncher, and on the youthful occasion of his renouncing by proxy the works of darkness, in the easterly parish church of Hounsditch, he had received the added appellation of Jerry.
I remembered that the most easterly of the rivers which drain into Captain Kidd's anchorage ran from the two-peaked hill upon my left, and I bent my course in that direction that I might pass the stream while it was small.
Its own weight, and the aerial force opposed to it, which caused it to rise, combined with the strong easterly breeze, had been too much for the great length of cord holding it.
"We generally pick up an easterly draught below three thousand at this time o' the year.
Because Joppa, the modern Jaffa, shipmates, is on the most easterly coast of the Mediterranean, the Syrian; and Tarshish or Cadiz more than two thousand miles to the westward from that, just outside the Straits of Gibraltar.
On the third day, she descried a number of Indians on horseback proceeding in an easterly direction.