eastern white pine

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Noun1.eastern white pine - tall-growing pine of eastern North Americaeastern white pine - tall-growing pine of eastern North America; bark is brown with longitudinal fissures when mature; valued as a timber tree
white pine - any of several five-needled pines with white wood and smooth usually light grey bark when young; especially the eastern white pine
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So the students ask, "What species of domestic wood should I use for the pegs and for the peghead in order to minimize the deviation from a circular cross section as the wood swells or shrinks?" They then reformulate this question as "What species of domestic wood has tangential-to-radial shrinkage ratios that are close to 1-to-1?" The student considers using either eastern white pine, black walnut, or southern magnolia.
Overstory and understory competition affect under-planted eastern white pine. Forest Ecology and Management, 105:137-150.
He added, "Eastern white pine can have knots, but that adds to the wood's character.
Higher energy consumption associated with shredding yellow poplar may be attributed to its higher shear strength perpendicular to the grain compared with eastern white pine and southern yellow pine, which suggested that yellow poplar was more difficult to shred than the two softwoods considered in the experimentation (Forest Products Laboratory 1999).
Currently under its sixth generation of leadership, Hancock Lumber produces more than 70 million board feet of eastern white pine a year among its three facilities; the toured facility located in Bethel, produces about 25 million of that total.
Eastern white pine and hemlock inspire reverence in the Forest Cathedral Natural Area of Cook Forest State Park, one of the largest old-growth stands in Pennsylvania.
The Eastern white pine has several selections of landscape plants.
Fungi of the species Laccaria bicolor attach to the roots of the eastern white pine, where they lure tiny insects commonly known as spri6gtails, says study leader John N.
Lido Adaptables, in Eastern white pine, is offered with different drawer mechanisms and a solid-wood top rather than plywood.
We measured nitrogenase activity associated with red pine, pitch pine, and eastern white pine (P.
Common Name Natural Growing Area Balsam Fir Canada and North Atlantic regions Douglas Fir Rocky Mountain to West Coast regions (pictured) from Canada to Mexico Eastern White Pine North-central and Northeastern U.S.
Pages 28-31 in Symposium proceedings - Eastern white pine today and tomorrow.

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