easy going

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Noun1.easy going - easy unobstructed progress; "after we solved that problem the rest was plain sailing"
forward motion, onward motion, advancement, progress, progression, procession, advance - the act of moving forward (as toward a goal)
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In her remarks, she described the deceased as a man of integrity, a hardworking, honest and easy going top journalist and that he would be greatly missed, just as she prayed for the widow and the entire family that God would grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.
James Meadows will be remembered for his love for all automobiles as well as his being "very happy, easy going and always smiling."
Conclusion Easy going will suit on pedigree and she's a banker.
He's a very easy going and relaxed baby, he's just like his dad.
Summary: Easy going Spanish speaking staff draw make you feel at home
Easy Going, On the Lighter Side, for piano, by Andreas Hertel; and Rhythm & Moods, Easy Pieces for Beginners and Advanced Players, by Diana Valentina Menezes.
The easy going ride was dubbed Get Your Kicks on Route 66 and attracted all ages.
Years of easy going on the drugs trade has led to this dire mess and I dread to think how much worse it could get.
Manchester United won't find it easy going over to Bilbao, and in Llorente they have a striker who is going to be coveted by all the big clubs across Europe.
Easy going clean ripe fruits in the mouth with warm brioche notes from the chardonnay.
QOUR son was always easy going and very straightforward and at 14, he still is.