easy mark

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eas′y mark′

one who is easily deceived or tricked.
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Noun1.easy mark - a defenseless victim
dupe, victim - a person who is tricked or swindled
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it is very well when you do but shoot at a shield, but when there is a man behind the shield, and he rides at you with wave of sword and glint of eyes from behind his vizor, you may find him a less easy mark.
Wolff has shown himself to be an easy mark for those wishing to load him with false information in the certainly that he would write as though the falsehoods told to him were true.
But then I started to realize that Trump is actually an easy mark for feminists.
When we meet Bruno in Berlin, he seems on the precipice of a comeback, playing backgammon with an easy mark.
He's not a betrayer or seducer--thus he's an easy mark for Samantha Marie Ware's memorably soulful Maria Reynolds--and he looks most at ease wearing glasses and sitting behind a desk.
He's an easy mark for con artist, Vinny Berkowitz, a prominent, though bogus island attorney.
In that state of mind avoid people who sympathize even if they are sincere-many just see you as an easy mark.
One plus to advanced years is that a predator may well see you as an easy mark and be dismissive, if not contemptuous, of an "old" guy or gal.
An odd and intriguing opportunity at first glance: Your everyday hustler might spot an easy mark and a quick .
And everyone telling you what an easy mark you are only compounds your confusion.
They are an easy mark for catch and release fishing although they may not show interest, having other things on their minds.
The PD is the only party which has been able to survive over the past years, thus it has become an easy mark," she said, noting that the blast was only the latest in a series of violent acts against the PD.