easy mark

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eas′y mark′

one who is easily deceived or tricked.
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Noun1.easy mark - a defenseless victim
dupe, victim - a person who is tricked or swindled
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it is very well when you do but shoot at a shield, but when there is a man behind the shield, and he rides at you with wave of sword and glint of eyes from behind his vizor, you may find him a less easy mark.
They are an easy mark for catch and release fishing although they may not show interest, having other things on their minds.
In that state of mind avoid people who sympathize even if they are sincere-many just see you as an easy mark.
Based on my experiences with other bucks that acted like this, he seemed like an easy mark.
Inherent Vice'' -- Obviously, I'm also an easy mark for a glorious mess.
The PD is the only party which has been able to survive over the past years, thus it has become an easy mark," she said, noting that the blast was only the latest in a series of violent acts against the PD.
Judge Thomas Crowther, passing sentence, referred to Mr Davies, saying: "It is clear from what he said that you quickly saw this business as an easy mark.
Once you've established yourself as an easy mark, you shouldn't be surprised to know that these claims will become more frequent.
What may look like an easy mark to us might be difficult for a dog that stands lower to the ground.
If you suspect he is trying to con you because you represent an easy mark, give him nothing.
TAKE IT EASY Mark Reynolds has urged fans not to get carried away by results
According to the report, Australia's gains comprised two wickets, one from a bouncer and one from a long hop, adding that what passed for small triumphs for Australia like Ashes debutant Ashton Agar's 98, was deterioration in disguise, adding that its five left-handed batsmen, including the top three, look a easy mark for Graeme Swann's harvest.