easy street

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easy street

n. Informal
A condition of financial security or independence.

Easy Street

(sometimes not capitals) informal a state of financial security

eas′y street`

a condition of wealth or ease.
[1900–05, Amer.]
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Noun1.easy street - financial securityeasy street - financial security      
security, protection - defense against financial failure; financial independence; "his pension gave him security in his old age"; "insurance provided protection against loss of wages due to illness"

easy street

Informal. Steady good fortune or financial security:
Idioms: comfortable circumstances, the good life.
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A century-old Schaumburg building that most recently housed the Easy Street Pub from 1979 until it closed in May may receive up to $250,000 in village assistance to rehabilitate it for a potential new tenant.
com)-- The autumn edition of the SAFE Federal Credit Union Easy Street Dinner, to be held in Columbia November 16, will have a distinct New Orleans feel to it.
With its award-winning book and score, this stunning new production includes the unforgettable songs Hard Knock Life, Easy Street, Don't Need Anything But You and Tomorrow.
SR International Rock has leased 14,640 s/f at 7E Easy Street in Bridgewater, a 31,622 s/f industrial facility.
Pictured, seated, from left: Claudia DeRobles, vice president and Easy Street branch manager, and Jenny Pulver, assistance vice president and Chelan Street branch manager.
The Dutch looked to be on easy street but reckoned without Japan's battling spirit as the visitors rallied.
Cammy Keith fired his 10th goal this term from the penalty spot before Joe Hamill and Craig McKeown put United on easy street.
For Ed Miliband and those eyeballing benefits as a one-way ticket to Easy Street, I have a wake-up call for you: those days are over" - Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith.
First-half goals from Lukasz Geruzel (2), Cunningham and Richard MacAdie put the visitors on easy street.
The new cell site will reportedly serves the area north to south from Easy Street to East County Line Road and east to west along Allenwood Lakewood Road.
The company said that the new cell site serves the area north to south from Easy Street to East Guarantee Line Road and the east to west along Allenwood Lakewood Road.
The pursuit of the American dream draws them here, but that doesn't mean it's easy street when they get here.