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Noun1.eating apple - an apple used primarily for eating raw without cookingeating apple - an apple used primarily for eating raw without cooking
apple - fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh
Baldwin - an American eating apple with red or yellow and red skin
Cortland - large apple with a red skin
Delicious - variety of sweet eating apples
Empire - an eating apple that somewhat resembles a McIntosh; used as both an eating and a cooking apple
Grimes' golden - yellow apple that ripens in late autumn; eaten raw
Jonathan - red late-ripening apple; primarily eaten raw
McIntosh - early-ripening apple popular in the northeastern United States; primarily eaten raw but suitable for applesauce
Northern Spy - large late-ripening apple with skin striped with yellow and red
Pearmain - any of several varieties of apples with red skins
Pippin - any of numerous superior eating apples with yellow or greenish yellow skin flushed with red
Prima - used primarily as eating apples
Stayman - apple grown chiefly in the Shenandoah Valley
Winesap - crisp apple with dark red skin
Stayman Winesap - crisp tart apple; good for eating raw and suitable for cooking
Granny Smith - apple with a green skin and hard tart flesh
cooking apple - an apple used primarily in cooking for pies and applesauce etc
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"What on earth do you want to give up eating apples for?" asked Peter in astonishment.
The orchard, with its great sweeping boughs that bent to the ground with fruit, proved so delightful that the little girls spent most of the afternoon in it, sitting in a grassy corner where the frost had spared the green and the mellow autumn sunshine lingered warmly, eating apples and talking as hard as they could.
"Here!" answered a husky voice from above, and, running up, Meg found her sister eating apples and crying over the Heir of Redclyffe, wrapped up in a comforter on an old three-legged sofa by the sunny window.
They bought a round steak, potatoes, onions, and a dozen eating apples, then went out from the town to the fringe of trees and brush that advertised a creek.
Fuji's spicy, crisp sweetness and firm flesh make it an excellent fresh eating apple. It's also good in baking or applesauce and stores well.
I recall of a party of Lankan expatriates long time ago, in Riyadh, where the subject of apple came up for discussion and one participant emphasized the benefit of eating apple and quoted the popular saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away'.
INGREDIENTS: 100g strawberries or raspberries, sliced 1 small, chopped eating apple 2 x 150g cartons low fat strawberry or raspberry yoghurt 55g bran flakes or the cereal of your choice METHOD: 1.
"Families who enjoy eating apple slices will find that RubyFrost not only tastes great, it does not brown quickly after slicing," says Susan Brown, apple breeder at Cornell's New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, N.Y.
The eating apple Golden Delicious has a crisp interior and a green/gold skin.
Mostly used as a fresh eating apple, Jonafree's flavor is like Jonathan but slightly less acidic and mildly tart.
There are three varieties to choose from: Braeburn - the most popular eating apple in Britain.