eau de toilette

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eau de toi·lette

(ō′ də twä-lĕt′)
n. pl. eaux de toilette (ō′, ōz′)
A scented liquid with a high alcohol content used in bathing or applied as a skin freshener. Also called toilet water.

[French : eau, water + de, of + toilette, dressing table, toilette.]
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perfume, eau de toilette, cologne, eau de cologne - Perfume or parfum is 20–40% oil and the highest concentration; eau de toilette is 10–18% oil, and cologne or eau de cologne is 3–9% oil.
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toilet water, eau de toilette - Eau de toilette, or toilet water, is a dilute form of perfume.
See also related terms for perfume.
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Noun1.eau de toilette - a perfumed liquid lighter than cologneeau de toilette - a perfumed liquid lighter than cologne
perfume, essence - a toiletry that emits and diffuses a fragrant odor
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From top: Diesel Spirit of The Brave Molton Brown Geranium Nefertum Eau de Toilette, Roberto Cavalli Jomo Eau de Toilette GROOMING GIFT SETS Dear John Gift Set PS39.95, LUSH NOT only is this a very cool quartet of the Dear John scent, bath bomb, shower gel, and a coffee shampoo bar, there's also a sweet story behind the set - it was created by Lush co-founder Mark Constantine as an ode to his long-lost father.
9 JIMMY CHOO FLORAL EAU DE TOILETTE PS49 for 60ml, The Perfume Shop (available May 20) SIMULTANEOUSLY floral, fruity and musky, this seductive blend brings together magnolia, nectarine, mandarin oil and apricot flower, floating on a bed of soft amber and wood notes.
The Body Shop Kistna Eau de Toilette PS16, 100ml, thebodyshop.com
7 PRADA L'HOMME EAU DE TOILETTE SPRAY 100ML GIFT SET, PS58.65, Escentual THIS cool collection includes a PSfull-size eau de toilette, mini travel spray and shower gel, all scented with the heavenly Prada L'Homme neroli and patchouli blend.
Eau de Toilette, PS35 for 50ml On sale: May 23 There's a reason mandarin and bergamot are included in summer scents, because their zest is so reminiscent of the season.
A2 COACH FOR MEN EAU DE TOILETTE PS45 for 60ml, John Lewis (available September 12) COACH'S new eau de toilette is inspired by American rebels.
This extension to the range allows customer to layer the fragrance or opt for a fresher and crisper alternative through the Eau de Toilette format.
Davidoff Cool Water Woman Into The Ocean Eau de Toilette, Au32 for 100ml
Eau de toilette set of 4 by Ralph Lauren, ` 3,000 Brown leather satchel from Hidesign, ` 8,395 Coloured aviators from Prada, price on request Aftershave splash by Forest Essentials, ` 875 Chiffre Rouge leather strap wristwatch by Dior, ` 3,38,000 Patent leather belt by Corneliani, ` 12,800 Signature heritage eau de toilette by Oriflame, ` 1,890 Nitrocharge football studs by Adidas, ` 11,999
Users of the brand's four main women's fragrances, the Angel eau de toilette and Womanity as well as the already-refillable Alien and Angel eau de parfum, will soon be able to bring their used-up bottles to these refilling stations.
Princess (pounds 31.50 for 30ml eau de toilette) includes a mix of water lily, apple, mandarin meringue, dark chocolate and vanilla, whereas Glam Princess (pounds 33.50 for 30ml eau de toilette) comprises top notes of red berries and pear, with a soft marshmallow base.
DKNY Summer eau de toilette - rich berries and cassis make up this mouthwatering scent.pounds 29 for 100ml from department stores.