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intr.v. eaves·dropped, eaves·drop·ping, eaves·drops
1. To listen secretly to the private conversation of others.
2. To gain access to private electronic communications, as through wiretapping or the interception of email or cell phone calls.

[Probably back-formation from eavesdropper, one who eavesdrops, from Middle English evesdropper, from evesdrop, place where water falls from the eaves, from Old English yfesdrype; see upo in Indo-European roots.]

eaves′drop′per n.
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nheimliches Lauschen or Horchen; electronic eavesdropping (esp Pol) → Lauschangriff m (→ on auf +acc), → Lauschoperation f(on gegen)
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We decided that she must have been eavesdropping, but as we could recall nothing of importance that had passed between us we dismissed the matter as of little consequence, merely promising ourselves to be warned to the utmost caution in the future.
Here Tink, who was in her bedroom, eavesdropping, squeaked out something impudent.
Upon the end of his long, stringy neck his little head was cocked to one side, his close-set eyes were half closed, his ears, so expressive was his whole attitude of stealthy eavesdropping, seemed truly to be cocked forward--even his long, yellow, straggly moustache appeared to assume a sly droop.
So they talked till the drinks had been brought and paid for, till another little party had quitted the room and they sat in their lonely corner, secure from observation or from any possibility of eavesdropping. Then Mr.
It was so unnatural and so unsuited to the scene that it might have been made by some inhuman thing flying on wings above them or eavesdropping in the dark woods beyond.
Clark, in 2013 successfully petitioned the Kane County court to dismiss eavesdropping charges filed against him in 2011, claiming the state's eavesdropping law is unconstitutional, the news release said.
Apple says it has temporarily disabled the Apple Watch Walkie Talkie app, due to a vulnerability that could allow iPhone eavesdropping, while it works on a fix, TechCrunch's Matthew Panzarino reports.
The State National Security Committee denied reports alleging a national security agent forced a worker of the Forum to install eavesdropping equipment in offices of Almazbek Atambayev and Farid Niyazov.
As well as using a phone, tech lovers with anApple Watchare also able to access the bizarre eavesdropping feature, by leaving their watch lying around.
In a BBC documentary, Prince Charles admitted to eavesdropping on his visitors.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is acknowledging for the first time that foreign actors or criminals are using eavesdropping devices to track cellphone activity in Washington DC, according to a report.
So far, SPP filed two charges for the incident in Centar Municipality and "Transporter" case against the Mayor of Bitola, Talevski, and one indictment act "Tvrdina" for the illegal eavesdropping. The deadline filing charges for cases from the eavesdropping affair expires on June 30th for the conversations Zaev handed to SPP on 30.12.2015.