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Noun1.ebbtide - the tide while water is flowing out
ebb, reflux - the outward flow of the tide
tide - the periodic rise and fall of the sea level under the gravitational pull of the moon
rising tide, flood tide, flood - the occurrence of incoming water (between a low tide and the following high tide); "a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune" -Shakespeare
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New works required are: new pump and controls at the old Ebbtide location, a header tank at 70 metres elevation on Dusty Road, reconnection of various pipelines, and a new branch line to the Lehigh gravel pit.
Coral - Sprint: 7-2 Centaur Allstar, 11-2 Officer Donagh, 6 Nelsons Dockyard, 8 Ballymac Pines, Greenlough Speed, 14 Dark Jamie, Droopys Bocelli, Farloe Flapjack, Jimmy Lollie, Kylegrove Cougar, Raithby Toure, 16 Bridge Head, 20 Boris The Bear, Ebbtide Sunset, Knockalla Ted, 50 Mays Blackbeauty, Mays Rocknroller, Pigalle Star.
At ebbtide, now," wrote the late Telegram & Gazette columnist Jack Tubert about the Yacht Club in 1971.
Peter and Valerie's company, Ebbtide, will also produce prints, cards and limited editions by local artists which will be sold both through traditional outlets and in restaurants, wine bars and bistros.
She teaches Communications/English Composition and advises the student newspaper, The Ebbtide.
Right now we are in a bit of an ebbtide and we anticipate that the focus on the demand side will increase over the next several quarters.