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 (ē-blēs′, ĕb′lĭs) or I·blis (ĭ-blēs′)
The principal evil spirit or devil of Islamic tradition.

[Arabic 'iblīs, probably ultimately from Greek diabolos, Satan, the Devil (perhaps via Aramaic *diabolos, *dibolos, with loss of initial d- possibly through reinterpretation as di-'iblā, the one of mourning di-, the one of + 'iblā, mourning); see devil.]
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(Non-European Myth & Legend) the chief evil jinni in Islamic mythology
[Arabic Iblīs, from Greek diabolos slanderer, devil]
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Noun1.eblis - (Islam) the principal evil jinni in Islamic mythology
Mohammedanism, Muhammadanism, Muslimism, Islam, Islamism - the monotheistic religious system of Muslims founded in Arabia in the 7th century and based on the teachings of Muhammad as laid down in the Koran; "Islam is a complete way of life, not a Sunday religion"; "the term Muhammadanism is offensive to Muslims who believe that Allah, not Muhammad, founded their religion"
djinn, djinni, djinny, genie, jinnee, jinni - (Islam) an invisible spirit mentioned in the Koran and believed by Muslims to inhabit the earth and influence mankind by appearing in the form of humans or animals
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Father, I firmly do believe - I know - for Death, who comes for me From regions of the blest afar, Where there is nothing to deceive, Hath left his iron gate ajar, And rays of truth you cannot see Are flashing thro' Eternity -- I do believe that Eblis hath A snare in ev'ry human path - Else how, when in the holy grove I wandered of the idol, Love, Who daily scents his snowy wings With incense of burnt offerings From the most unpolluted things, Whose pleasant bowers are yet so riven Above with trelliced rays from Heaven No mote may shun - no tiniest fly The light'ning of his eagle eye - How was it that Ambition crept, Unseen, amid the revels there, Till growing bold, he laughed and leapt In the tangles of Love's very hair?
"I am a genius," he said, "the son of the daughter of Eblis, prince of the genii.
" We can fight the sons of Adam," said the tribesmen, "but we cannot fight the sons of Eblis, and this regiment never stays still in one place.
During that time he's released music under multiple aliases including Souljahwitch, Yung Bruh, Eblis The Persian Dolphin, and Yunng Karma.
There are twenty-five references to Allah in seventeen poems: "The City of Brass," "The Jester," "The Legend of Mirth," "The Rupaiyat of Omar Cal'vin," "Certain Maxims of Hafiz," "The Light That Failed," "Hadramauti," "Kitchener's School," "The Answer," "The Ballad of Ahmed Shah," "From the Masjid-al-aqsa of Sayyid Ahmed (Wahabi)," "The Two-Sided Man," "Akbar's Bridge," "The Ballad of the King's Jest," "O Hassan, Saving Allah there is no one Stronger than Eblis," "A Song in the Desert," and "Verses on Games." It is surprising that Kipling uses Allah with specific words which highlight His attributes.
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The genetic improvement of animals and the optimisation of environmental factors must be taken into account when working to improve meat quality (Eblis et al., 1999; Monin et al., 1999; Rosenvold and Andersen, 2003; Migdal et al., 2004; Kocwin-Podsiadla et al., 2006; Lyczynski et al., 2006; Borzuta et al., 2010; van Arendonk, 2011).
When King Idris al-Sanussi heard the chants against him that said "Even Eblis [the devil] is better than Idris", on the eve of Muammar Gaddafi's coup, he said: Amen, Amen, and both him and the chanters' prayers were answered.
He devotes himself, partly under the influence of his sorceress mother Carathis, to the direct service of Eblis. Crime follows crime and in his journey towards the haunted ruins of Istakar (the site of the inferno of Eblis himself), he conceives a passion for the beautiful Nouronihar who is as much intoxicated by the prospect of supernatural power as he is himself.