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 (ē′bər-nā′shən, ĕb′ər-)
Degeneration of bone into a hard, ivorylike mass, as that which occurs at the articular surfaces of bones in osteoarthritis.

[From Latin eburnus, ivory, from ebur; see ivory.]


(ˌiːbəˈneɪʃən; ˌɛb-) or


(Pathology) a degenerative condition of bone or cartilage characterized by unusual hardness and a polished appearance
[C19: from Latin eburnus of ivory, from ebur ivory]
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Noun1.eburnation - a change that occurs in degenerative joint disease in which bone is converted into a dense smooth substance resembling ivory
biological process, organic process - a process occurring in living organisms
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For the thoracic vertebrae, females show significantly greater superior and inferior lipping, osteophytosis and eburnation, whereas males exhibit a significantly greater number of superior and inferior Schmorl's nodes.
The analysis of the pathology specimen showed an irregular articular surface with progressive thinning of the cartilage and eburnation of the underlying bone which is consistent with osteoarthritis.
MRI findings include a direct bony connection or (in the case of nonosseous coalition) irregularity and eburnation of the articulating surfaces and visualization of low-signal fibrous bridging.