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 (ĭ-klē′zhē-ə, -zē-ə)
n. pl. ec·cle·si·ae (-zhē-ē′, -zē-ē′)
1. The political assembly of citizens of an ancient Greek state.
a. A church or congregation.
b. The collective body of Christian believers regarded as constituting a universal church.

[Latin ecclēsia, from Greek ekklēsiā, from ekkalein, to summon forth : ek-, out; see ecto- + kalein, klē-, to call; see kelə- in Indo-European roots.]


n, pl -siae (-zɪˌiː)
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) (in formal Church usage) a congregation
2. (Historical Terms) the assembly of citizens of an ancient Greek state
[C16: from Medieval Latin, from Late Greek ekklēsia assembly, from ekklētos called, from ekkalein to call out, from kalein to call]


(ɪˈkli ʒi ə, -zi ə)

n., pl. -si•ae (-ʒiˌi, -ziˌi)
1. an assembly, esp. the popular assembly of ancient Athens.
2. a congregation; church.
[1570–80; < Latin < Greek ekklēsía assembly]
References in classic literature ?
His chief delight, however, was found in the perusal of an exceedingly rare and curious book in quarto Gothic--the manual of a forgotten church--the Vigiliae Mortuorum Secundum Chorum Ecclesiae Maguntinae.
On December 7, 1981, the mosaic Mater Ecclesiae (Our Lady, Mother of the Church) was installed-the 'last stone in Saint Peter's open field to finish the square.'
Mas que fijarse en el ecclesia in ecclesiis et ex ecclesiis, se mudaria la perspectiva hacia el ecclesiae in ecclesia et ex ecclesia (37).
Ciertamente, el paralelismo de las situaciones no es de los mas perfectos, ya que las nociones ad iudicium y ad officium, en el caso del sacramento del orden, no tienen el mismo complemento de objeto (habria que decir ad iudicium sui y ad officium ecclesiae para ser precisos), mientras que, en el caso del sacramento del bautismo, el bautizado es bien el objeto de la salvacion, bien de la condena.
Pope Francis poses for a selfie during a pre-synod gathering of youth delegates at the Pontifical International Maria Mater Ecclesiae College in Rome March 19.
Luego, el Congreso de Universidades Catolicas, en la Casa Central del plantel mencionado, el 2 de septiembre, conmemora los 25 anos de la promulgacion de Ex Corde Ecclesiae, llamando a pensar sobre la mision e identidad de esos planteles y su aporte al servicio de la Verdad y el bien comun.
The name of Pudentiana is even less sure than that of Praxedes: the inscription in the apse mosaic of Santa Pudentiana, Dominus conservator ecclesiae pudentianae (ca.
The lawsuit, sent to Rome, outlined "twenty-three years of scandals and dissidence" at Georgetown University, accusing it of failing to comply with Ex corde ecclesiae, the 1990 Apostolic Constitution for Catholic universities that "demands Church-affiliated institutions of higher learning promote and defend Catholic doctrine" (LifeSiteNews, 14 May 2014).
?El spiritus Ecclesiae, que Leon XIII echa de menos en el Ordinal anglicano, es equivalente a la intentio faciendi quod facit Ecclesiae?
On May 18, The North American Martyrs (as they are known) defeated the Mater Ecclesiae Legionnaires 1-0 in the final match, and the winning goal was dedicated to--who else--Mary, the Mother of God.
The German-born former pope, who resigned because of old age, will move into the Mater Ecclesiae monastery building within the Vatican grounds - an oasis of calm with its own vegetable garden and blooming flowerbeds - which has been renovated for him.
JACOBO ALMAINO, Auctoritas Ecclesiae seu Conciliorum ad Authoritatem Papae Comparata, c.