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Any of numerous radially symmetrical marine invertebrates of the phylum Echinodermata, which includes the starfishes, sea urchins, and sea cucumbers, having an internal calcareous skeleton and often covered with spines.

[From New Latin Echīnodermata, phylum name : echino- + -dermata, -skinned (from Greek derma, dermat-, skin; see -derm).]

e·chi′no·der′mal, e·chi′no·der′ma·tous (-dûr′mə-təs) adj.
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Similar findings by Mertmann (2003) indicate that Wargal Limestone was deposited on a carbonate platform with coral patches and abundant bars of echinodermal debris.
Scientific interest in the white beds stems primarily from the fact that they host huge numbers of exceptionally well preserved echinodermal ossicles, whose stereoms are of great importance for palaeobiology.
Despite well-developed cross-stratification, in thin section this lithofacies appears to be an echinodermal packstone.