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Neither having nor producing echoes: an anechoic chamber.


(General Physics) having a low degree of reverberation of sound: an anechoic recording studio.


(ˌæn ɛˈkoʊ ɪk)

having an unusually low degree of reverberation; echo-free: an anechoic studio.
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Adj.1.anechoic - not having or producing echoes; sound-absorbent; "an anechoic chamber"
nonresonant, unreverberant - not reverberant; lacking a tendency to reverberate
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Axis Communications, the global leader in network video, expands its popular AXIS M30 Series with the new AXIS M3037-PVE Network Camera a vandal-resistant, day/night fixed mini dome that offers panoramic views and echo-free two-way audio communication with built-in microphone and speaker.
The researchers placed the disk in an echo-free room and installed three speakers that blared random words at the same time.
Minto, designed by Swedish design agency No Picnic, guarantees echo-free, full duplex operations for an exceptional user experience during group conference calls.
Transthoracic echocardiography showed massive circumferential pericardial effusion, marked dilatation of coronary sinus and multiple echo-free spaces adjacent to left atrioventricular groove (Fig.
With no additional hardware or software needed, the DMPS setup tool (included in Crestron Toolbox) makes it easy to deliver a premium-quality echo-free audio system in every room without having to be an acoustician.
Allen says the Sound Sensor--with a 26 Noise Reduction Rating--outperforms electronic hearing protection, filtering out most damaging sound frequencies, and allows for echo-free conversation.
The CX20562 also features a built-in echo-free speakerphone with wideband AEC and noise reduction hardware DSP.
So, he conducted a study, in which he placed rats in a partially echo-free, sound-proof chamber and simultaneously played two types of sounds: Gaussian sound (containing all frequencies) of 25 decibels and a pure sound (made up of one frequency).
The SoundPoint IP 560 is a four-line SIP phone that delivers high-definition voice and wideband audio, as well as noise- and echo-free sound.
They are soft-textured, echo-free and absorbent - preventing condensation.
It appears as a dilated, echo-free space posteriorly in the atrioventricular groove between the left atrium and ventricle.
This allows you to speak and hear the other person echo-free.