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An ultrasonic instrument used in echocardiography.


(ˌɛk oʊˈkɑr di əˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf)

an instrument using reflected ultrasonic waves to show the structures and functioning of the heart: for diagnosing heart abnormalities.
ech`o•car`di•o•graph′ic, adj.
ech`o•car`di•og′ra•phy (-ˈɒg rə fi) n.
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Noun1.echocardiograph - a sonograph that creates an image of the heart and its abnormalities
sonograph - an instrument that uses the differential transmission and reflection of ultrasonic waves in order to provide an image of a bodily organ
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Delivery: 1 piece echocardiograph for the needs of University Children~s Hospital Prof.
The alternative criteria, on the other hand, state that a positive PCR finding in blood should be accompanied by a clear endocarditis focus shown on echocardiograph, a clear vascular focus on imaging studies, or at least 2 or 3 "minor criteria" (Table 2).
The Welsh Government has opted to plough additional money into sensory equipment, an anaesthetic machine, specialist beds and cots, a second X-ray machine, an echocardiograph machine and ventilators for the children's critical care unit.
e BHF appeal is aimed at purchasing a 2D Echocardiograph at a cost of PS50,000 to improve qualities of imaging of heart structures - especially important in heart valve surgery.
Echocardiograph and magnetic resonance imaging data will be evaluated by Yale Cardiovascular Research; patients will be followed for 18 months, with interim assessments being conducted at six months and 12 months post-treatment.
PS90,000 - Bought a portable echocardiograph machine and transoesophageal probe to perform the most complex echocardiograms at the patient bedside and in intensive care.
Likewise, extension in Burn/Plastic Surgical Unit and up-gradation of dialyses units, echocardiograph room and nephrology units were made.
The CD contains the technique for performing an echocardiograph.
5) Implantation of echocardiograph transmitters to evaluate resting heart rates in the birds used in our study was not considered because of the invasiveness of the implantation procedure.
The echocardiograph revealed normal left ventricular function with no significant valvular disease.
Although handheld echocardiograph machines are now available, the cost is not negligible.