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Adj.1.echoless - having or producing no echo; "the echoless darkness"
nonreflecting, nonreflective - not capable of physical reflection
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He worked, and worked, and worked, in silence, and words fell on him as they would have fallen on an echoless wall, or on the air.
through the crack in that sky beyond hope the universal book, Guillen, the makers of verse are the fashioners of the emotions of the makers of a discordant registry, Levertov, all joined with the casters of bitter spells, Trilce, so that those who reside within me, without being in me--Rosalia, Cunqueiro--might invoke an echoless sky inside me
These are truly airports for particles, predominantly bodily ones such as skin and hair (which also brings to mind Cage's tale of visiting an--anechoic an echoless, insulated, and therefore soundproof--chamber, in which he heard the high pitch of his nervous system and the low drone of his blood pumping).