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Coma or convulsions in a patient with preeclampsia, occurring in late pregnancy, during labor, or within 24 hours after giving birth.

[New Latin, from Greek eklampsis, a shining forth, sudden development, from eklampein, to shine forth : ek-, out; see ecto- + lampein, to shine.]

e·clamp′tic (-tĭk) adj.
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a. eclámptico-a, rel. a la eclampsia.
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The goal of early detection of preeclampsia is to be able to introduce effective preventative treatment during pregnancy to avoid eclamptic seizures and their subsequent complications.
Eclamptic seizures were significantly more frequent and fetal head circumference significantly larger in primigravid women.
* The mode of action for magnesium sulphate in control of eclamptic seizures and prevention of recurrent convulsions is still not clearly understood.
It was concluded that there is significant decrease in weight, volume, surface area and infarction in hypertensive group than control.10 Infarction, calcification and retroplacental hematomas formation were noted in eclamptic patients.11 A study conducted in Lahore showed the prevalence rate of hypertensive disorders to be 3.2%.
But just moments after Matthew was born Julie suffered a eclamptic fit which then went on to cause a stroke.
But just mom thew was born, an eclamptic fiwent on to cause "I was so poorl have the strength hold my bab only 2lb was bo Sho Julie and for NH ha M moments after Matthew Julie suffered fit, which then a stroke.
Studies on the urinary excretion of "xanthurenic acid" during normal and abnormal pregnancy: A survey of the excretion of "xanthurenic acid" in normal nonpregnant, normal pregnant, pre-eclamptic, and eclamptic women.
There was a marginal difference in the mean placental weight between the mild preeclamptic, severe preeclamptic, eclamptic, and the control groups, but not statistically different (t-test = 0.404, p = 0.69; t-test = 1.046, p = 0.30; t-test = 0.63 p = 0.54) (Tables 3 and 4, resp.).
Proinflammatory cytokine response leading to endothelial activation may be the cause of cerebrovascular dysregulation in eclamptic women [11].
After son Nick was born, I suffered an eclamptic seizure and died.
Since autoregulatory capability is completely attenuated if there is a severe endothelial injury, as it is the case in pre-eclampsia, even a moderate rise of blood pressure may lead to neurologic symptoms which culminate in eclamptic seizures [30].