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Noun1.eclecticist - someone who selects according to the eclectic method
philosopher - a specialist in philosophy
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The wide palette of these neopagan movements ranges from the rather eclecticist, syncretic bricolage-cults (like Wicca, Neo-Druidism, /Urban/ Neo-Shamanism) on one extremity to culturally specific traditions, such as the many variants of monotheistic or polytheistic Reconstructionism at the other end.
In Pushkin's case, it is his ambivalence, or rather polyvalence (of both his personality and creative work): Pushkin the eclecticist, who maneuvered the no-man's-land between insurgency and conformity, the poeta ludens, the master of the elevated ode, the romantic epic, the romantic tragedy, poesie fugitive, the frivolous poem, the realistic short story; captive of his social caste until his death by duel, and yet, at the same time, the poet of freedom; the exponent of Russian poetry with African ancestry.
As an eclecticist, he believes no right or principle--freedom of expression, for example--may trump others during the process of ethical reasoning.