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n. (used with a sing. verb)
Application of mathematical and statistical techniques to economics in the study of problems, the analysis of data, and the development and testing of theories and models.

e·con′o·met′ric, e·con′o·met′ri·cal adj.
e·con′o·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
e·con′o·me·tri′cian (-mĭ-trĭsh′ən), e·con′o·met′rist n.
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Adj.1.econometric - of or relating to econometrics; "econometric theories"
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[ɪˌkɒnəˈmetrɪk] ADJeconométrico
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Fitch's econometric analysis of the drivers of capital flows in the 10 large EMs covered in its quarterly Global Economic Outlook (GEO) shows that flows are being dragged down by a steady tightening of global and US monetary conditions and volatility in global financial markets.
The primary goal is to assess the convergence process level in the European Monetary Union (EMU) and other European countries using an econometric model, which is based on Skorepa (IES 2011, Finance a uver 2013) and indirectly on Bayoumi and Eichengreen (European Economic Review 1997) and Horvath and Komarek (IES FSV UK 2003).
In 2004, he and Jonathan Eaton shared the Econometric Society's Frisch Medal for their paper "Technology, Geography, and Trade," which provided a framework that has been applied in many subsequent studies of trade patterns.
Basically, the econometric applications in the book are focused on time series analysis.
Fifteen papers apply econometric methods to the area of health economics, assess behavioral insights and experimental methods for measuring risk and time preferences in health economics, and review graphical modeling techniques for estimating large covariance matrices.
As a non-economist, Powell is apparently willing to be informed more by real time data than econometric models and assumptions, more akin to Greenspan's style than that of predecessors Bernanke or Yellen.
Thoroughly answering the question is best done by an econometric model that forecasts growth in GNP, the rate of inflation, and many other (so-called endogenous) variables, on the basis of expected changes in the money supply, the fiscal deficit, private investments, the balance of payments, and many other (so-called exogenous) variables.
Moderators with significant impacts on variation of PELS included forest products, geographic regions, econometric models, and data type.
However, the failure of econometric models to predict the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) has subsequently cast doubt on the usefulness of macroeconometrics.
Three methods are commonly used to measure TFP growth: growth accounting, index number and econometric method.
Islamabad -- The International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) hosted a five day workshop on "Econometric Modelling and Applications for Economics and Finance" that was attended by 90 economics researchers, academicians and scholars who explored ways to impart knowledge on data issues, analysis, econometric modeling and its applications in the context of empirical research.