economic consumption

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Noun1.economic consumption - (economics) the utilization of economic goods to satisfy needs or in manufacturing; "the consumption of energy has increased steadily"
economic science, economics, political economy - the branch of social science that deals with the production and distribution and consumption of goods and services and their management
conspicuous consumption - buying expensive services and products in order to flaunt your wealth
demand - the ability and desire to purchase goods and services; "the automobile reduced the demand for buggywhips"; "the demand exceeded the supply"
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The extent of commercials in Pakistani media has increased disproportionately over the years, which not only eats-into a lot of air time- not to mention the stream of thought it breaks of the viewers given the long durations of commercials in between content- but also has allowed economic consumption and investment priorities getting pushed a lot more in some directions than in others.
Historically, dollar remittances from overseas Filipinos have accounted for as much as 10 percent of domestic economic consumption, providing a key pillar of growth for the Philippines.
The technology which is demonstrated visually in an animation to work throttle when it is in streets consuming good amount of fuel but when fast on highways the use may become very economical so that no such economic consumption records be there or if there are the technology may not be the one which is going to be introduced by any other companies.
Haoliang XU added that reviving Lake Orumiyeh needs 20 to 25 billion cubic meters of water and it seems that there is a kind of imbalance between economic consumption, human consumption and the lake water needs.

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