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Noun1.economic expert - an expert in the science of economicseconomic expert - an expert in the science of economics
economics profession - the body of professional economists
econometrician, econometrist - an economist who uses statistical and mathematical methods
macroeconomic expert, macroeconomist - an economist who specializes in macroeconomics
microeconomic expert, microeconomist - an economist who specializes in microeconomics
monetarist - an advocate of the theory that economic fluctuations are caused by increases or decreases in the supply of money
social scientist - someone expert in the study of human society and its personal relationships
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On the other hand, if a debtor can announce personal bankruptcy in accordance with the law, the creditor may be able to collect a certain percentage," says economic expert Pavle Gacov.
On the occasion, renowned economic expert and former bureaucrat, Saeed Qureshi suggested that the government should follow the World Bank's index of ease of doing business to help promote sustained growth.
Summary: "All the elements are combined for public debt to exceed 70% of GDP before the end of 2017 and beyond in 2018," economic expert Radhi Meddeb said in his interview
Economic expert Medhat Nafea said that the monetary policy autonomy was also extensively tackled, and how the lack of transparency is negatively affecting the economic climate.
Muscat, Feb 8 (ONA) Sheikh Abdul Malik bin Abdullah al- Hinai, economic expert and advisor at the Ministry of Financeaffirmed that sustainability through economic diversification has been on the top priorities of the Sultanate and that the development of vocational education and skills helps Omani talents to achieve sustainability.
Saad Al-Buainian, an economic expert, said that the underground economy accounts for between 20 and 30 percent of countries' GDP around the world.
An economic expert may be the key to establishing the third element.
The head of Germany's economic expert advisory board, SVR (Sachverstaendigenrat), a group of economic experts that advises the German government, said that there was no reason for the European Central Bank (ECB) to start buying sovereign bonds now to bolster euro zone growth.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The economic expert, Basim Jamil called on the central bank to expand the process of buying gold to stabilize the Iraqi currency against foreign currencies.
Economic expert Evgenii Kanev has suggested that Bulgaria lacks the resources to monitor the implementation of concession contracts.
Economic expert Margaret Bogenrief explained why in the case of the EU the solution is unlikely to help.
By Ayoub Al-Khadaj BEIRUT, Sept 1 (KUNA) -- Gulf Cooperation Council states' development plans and political stability have turned it to be one of the main targets of foreign direct investments, an economic expert said Saturday.

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