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Noun1.economiser - a frugal person who limits spending and avoids waste
saver - someone who saves (especially money)
stinter - an economizer who stints someone with something
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'Why, sir,' replied Brass, 'upon my word I think Sarah's as good an economiser as any going.
If you use a thermal fluid heating system because of its energy-saving factors, then buying one with an integral economiser would seem to be a no-brainer.
As businesses look to minimise overheads and also improve their environmental credentials, installing a retro-fit economiser on an existing boiler circuit can deliver a major step in the right direction.
Le GPL est un carburant [beaucoup moins que] a la fois economique et ami de l'environnement [beaucoup plus grand que], a affirme Lazreg, soulignant que le proprietaire d'une voiture roulant au Sirghaz [beaucoup moins que] peut economiser plus de 27.500 DA sur 30.000 km [beaucoup plus grand que].
Tripoli s'attend a economiser 800 millions de dinars libyens (650 millions de dollars) par an en couts de subvention en luttant ainsi contre la contrebande, qui a augmente de 1,3 milliards de dinars.
Les conseillers au ministere ont revele que l'annulation du systeme du bac devrait economiser a l'Etat plus de 16 milliards de LE par an qui sont depenses aux lecons particulieres.
The ESM4000, fitted with a high efficiency economiser and fired on natural gas, was the ideal solution for Amfin due to its combination of safety, efficiency and compact size, the latter being a particular issue due to the relatively small size of the Doilerhouse.
The vehicle features a heated steering wheel, new Stow 'n Place roof rack system that allows roof bows to be stored in the rails when not in use, an integrated centre console for first- and second-row passengers, and a new fuel economiser mode that changes the transmission shift schedule.
Following the recent launch of three innovative energy-saving options for its J Series and VMP vertical steam boilers, Fulton has introduced an optional flue gas Economiser for its gas and dual-fuel-fired horizontal RBC boiler range.
The schematic of the Economised Vapour Injection compressor (EVI compressor) with the economiser layout is shown in Figure 1 with the working cycle representation on pressure-enthalpy diagram.
The Economiser is an online tool designed by the National Consumer Agency that examines household budgets and offers tips on how to reduce costs.