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v. e·con·o·mized, e·con·o·miz·ing, e·con·o·miz·es
1. To practice economy, as by avoiding waste or reducing expenditures.
2. To make economical use of something: "The best that can be said for this method is that it economizes on thought" (Christopher Hitchens).
To use or manage with thrift: the need to economize scarce energy resources.

e·con′o·miz′er n.


(ɪˈkɒnəˌmaɪzə) or


1. (Mechanical Engineering) a device that uses the waste heat from a boiler flue to preheat the feed water
2. a person or thing that economizes
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Noun1.economizer - a frugal person who limits spending and avoids waste
saver - someone who saves (especially money)
stinter - an economizer who stints someone with something
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The annual simulation predicted energy savings potential possible from DCV, higher efficiency DX-DOAS, and any periods of economizer operation.
The standard unit had one compressor for staged cooling, a constant-speed fan and no economizer, while the tested unit had a variable-speed inverter-driven compressor, composite condenser fans with a variable-speed motor and an economizer that introduced outdoor air to the space.
It was constructed in 2007, when ASHRAE Standard 90.1 exempted Climate Zone 4A (among others) from the economizer requirement and further exempted process applications such as data centers.
The two main configurations of gas refrigerant injection systems are i) flash tank system and ii) intermediate heat exchanger (IHX) system, also called an economizer technology.
A water economizer is a system by which the supply air of a cooling system or chilled water in a non-fan cooling system is cooled indirectly with water that is itself cooled by heat or mass transfer to the environment without the use of mechanical cooling (ASHRAE 2010).
The upgrades included: a new HVAC unit and economizer, which will increase total cooling output; new, cooler LED stage lighting that will generate less heat as wasted energy; and improved airflow to let excess heat from inside the venue escape more easily.
Rising energy costs necessitate new ideas and techniques for heat recovery--such as the Hitec Economizer from GEA Heat Exchangers.
The results obtained show the comparison of the coefficient of performance, compression ratio, isentropic work, actual work, electrical power requirements, cooling water consumption in intercoolers, compressor power output, compressor capacity, and isentropic, volumetric, and mechanical efficiency of the two-stage refrigeration unit with a flash gas economizer and these were compared with the designed specifications.
Under an agreement, Air Products will supply coil wound heat exchangers to be built in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, US; compressor-expanders to be assembled in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania, US and economizer cold boxes to be built in Tanjung Langsat, Malaysia.
When a cooling plant operates in economizer mode, high energy-consuming mechanical systems can be turned off.
Taipei, March 27, 2012 (CENS) -- Wang Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd., a Taiwanese maker dedicated to developing nanometer technology products, recently claimed that it has successfully developed and commercialized the "Full-Burn Fuel Economizer" after years of research and development.