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 (ē′kō-tĕr′ə-rĭz′əm, ĕk′ō-)
Terrorism or sabotage committed in the name of environmental causes.

e′co·ter′ror·ist adj. & n.


(Law) a person who uses violence in order to achieve environmentalist aims
[C20: from eco- + terrorist]


(ˌɛk oʊˈtɛr ər ɪst, ˌi koʊ-)
one who commits ecotage.
ec`o•ter′ror•ism, n.
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Digit is at MIT and again facing danger, this time from hacking into the Department of Defense's database while her activities are being monitored by an ecoterrorist.
In "Troubles," a young Belfast woman recovering from a psychotic break sees and talks to faeries who make a convincing case for their reality, while in "The Weeds and the Wildness," an aging, lonely person becomes an ecoterrorist in response to the "merciless" war waged by sinister lawn specialists bent on eradicating all that is wild and natural.
CARRIE BROWNSTEIN 'Portlandia' (IFC) Brownstein had some of her best moments yet, like when her ecoterrorist sought to take down Seaworld, but she's more likely to earn a writing nom for her work on the show.
Kingsnorth uneasily discovers the writings of "Unabomber" Theodore Kaczynski, Harvard mathematician turned society dropout turned ecoterrorist, to be eerily prescient.
50pm) FILM OF THE DAY Underworld courier Frank Martin's latest assignment involves transporting the kidnapped daughter of a crooked government minister across Europe on behalf of an ecoterrorist faction.
In 1989, an ecoterrorist group known as the "Breeders" threatened to release Medflies in California if the state did not stop its pesticide spraying program.
Debate will inevitably occur in regard to the adoption of what are deemed to be suitable or appropriate tactics of dissent, given the labeling of certain actions as ecoterrorist rather than civic engagement.
In 1998, William C Rodgers and other environmental activists committed America's largest ecoterrorist attack, when they torched many of the Vail facilities.
The 22nd Bond film, the movie picks up an hour after the end of Casino Royale, and sees 007 attempt to track down the killers of his Bond-girl lover Vesper Lynd (played by Eva Green) while fighting to stop an ecoterrorist installing an evil dictator in Bolivia.
Whether he was an ecoterrorist or just a serial killer with a spiel, he was extremely antisocial.
CHIP IS AN ECOTERRORIST, TO BE PRECISE, and as sane and gentle a man as you would ever hope to have handling sticks of dynamite.
Big Sugar is a wealthy powerful government-sponsored ecoterrorist that pollutes thousands of acres of one of the most remarkable ecosystems on the planet.