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 (ē′kə-tōn′, ĕk′ə-)
A transitional zone between two communities containing species characteristic of each.

[eco- + Greek tonos, tension, tone; see tone.]
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(ˈiːkəˌtəʊn; ˈɛkə-)
(Environmental Science) the zone between two major ecological communities
[C20: from eco(logy) + -tone, from Greek tonos tension, tone]
ˈecoˌtonal adj
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(ˈɛk əˌtoʊn, ˈi kə-)

the transition zone between two different plant communities, as that between forest and prairie.
[1900–05; eco- + tone < Greek tónos tension]
ec`o•ton′al, adj.
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a transitional area or zone between two different forms of vegetation, as between forest and plain. — ecotonal, adj.
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Venice sits in the littoral ecotone of land and sea, from which it
The Midwestern prairie-forest ecotone, where the Prairie Peninsula historically met the eastern deciduous forest biome, has been well-studied but is still not well understood.
The detailed environmental study revealed that human occupations occurred in a persistent tropical forest-grassland ecotone, adding new information about the habitats exploited by our species, and indicating that populations sought refuge in a relatively stable environment.
The project is being coordinated among team members coming from HKU, UP, as well as Ecotone Resilience.
Baltimore, MD, January 05, 2018 --( Ecotone, an ecological restoration firm, recently developed over one acre of wetlands and restored 2,160 linear feet of stream that runs through the 200-acre First Mine Run property located in the northeastern part of Baltimore County in Maryland.
Her writing and photographs have appeared in Ecotone, Quick Fiction, and Juked.
The Vale Natural Reserve (VNR) is a private protected area covered densely by the Atlantic rain forest (IBGE 1993), composed of a mosaic of habitats with four main vegetation types with different levels of habitat heterogeneity (adapted from Jesus 1987; Peixoto & Gentry 1990): i) coastal plain forest (tabuleiro forest), ii) ecotone forest, iii) sandy soil forest (mussununga forest), and iv) natural grassland.
The location from forestline to treeline, the upper limit of trees where growth is often stunted, is known as the alpine treeline ecotone.
Acoustic telemetry tracking from prior studies revealed that Gray Smoothhounds (Mustelus californicus) used primarily the eelgrass ecotone and warm interior waters in Bolsa Chica Full Tidal Basin (BCFTB), a 1.48 [km.sup.2] open-format marine dominated estuary.
To determine the physical structure of the land-water ecotone and the substrate types, the proportions of the elements making up these zones were measured at each section (total 100 %), a visual-based habitat approach was based on previous protocols (Gorman & Karr, 1978; Barbour, Gerritsen, Snyder, & Stribling, 1999).