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 (ē′kō-to͝or′ĭz′əm, ĕk′ō-)
Tourism that involves visiting scenic or remote natural areas while attempting to minimize negative impacts on the environment and on the local inhabitants.

e′co·tour′ n.
e′co·tour′ist adj. & n.
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(Environmental Science) a holiday that either contributes to the protection of the environment or minimizes damage to it
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Seeing the animals in the wild on an ecotour is one way; seeing them up close in a zoo or aquarium is another.
The widespread adoption of sustainable tourism as an ideology has shone light on the importance of the tour guide, particularly the ecotour guide's use of interpretation to help visitors understand, care about and value heritage and nature.
On a recent ecotour of Costa Rica, I encountered an enchanting local guide, Samuel Arguedas, who was working with Costa Rica Expeditions.
Even before we could dry ourselves, I found myself going up the Skyline Gondola for our 4-line Moa Ziptrek Ecotour (
The Cyprus Tourism Organisation has recently participated in the Coordination meeting of the partners of the project "ECOTOUR" which took place in Lithuania and which is co-financed be the European Program Leonardo da Vinci.
The 90-minute ecotour is a chance to see some of the more than 500 bottlenose dolphins who call Tampa Bay home.
Greenloons provides ecotourism education, news, comparable certified ecotour and volunteer conservation program listings, tour reviews and booking services, plus a forum for the community to share personal vacation stories and tips for establishing ecotourism.
Possibilities range from being an ecotour leader or naturalist to managing a wildlife eco-lodge, working as a travel agent certified in ecotourism, or teaching on-the-ground tour guides and college students interested in making a living helping others enjoy nature.
You don't have to ski to fly down a mountain at high speed if you go on the ZipTrek Ecotour.
The four cases examined are: the Hall of Biodiversity at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park in Orlando, an ecotour of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, and the Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth.
The activities offered by ecotour operators are definitely a break from the mundane and include a range of year-round excursions for all ages, from whitewater rafting to snowshoeing and "snow survival" that involves building, and living inside, your own igloo for several days on end.