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Noun1.ecrevisse - tiny lobster-like crustaceans usually boiled brieflyecrevisse - tiny lobster-like crustaceans usually boiled briefly
Old World crayfish, ecrevisse - small crayfish of Europe and Asia and western North America
American crayfish - common large crayfishes of eastern North America
shellfish - meat of edible aquatic invertebrate with a shell (especially a mollusk or crustacean)
2.ecrevisse - small crayfish of Europe and Asia and western North America
crawdaddy, crawfish, crawdad, crayfish - small freshwater decapod crustacean that resembles a lobster
Astacus, genus Astacus - type genus of the family Astacidae; Old World crayfish
crawdad, crawfish, ecrevisse, crayfish - tiny lobster-like crustaceans usually boiled briefly
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On s'attarde un peu plus longtemps sur une femme caressant une ecrevisse (est-ce un animal de compagnie ?
Ce qui est bien avec le coup de soleil, c'est qu'on sait quand il est la, notre peau devient rouge, on a tendance a ressembler a une ecrevisse ebouillantee.
However, I would give top marks to the Bisque de Homard et Ecrevisse (lobster and crayfish bisque served with Quenelles and turnip).
One divine sample menu dreamed up by Selbey, the chef on the European Waterways' L'Impressionniste barge: French onion soup, lamb with minted peas, and poached pear with mascarpone ice cream paired with a white Pernand Vergelles and red Meursault, Ecrevisse salad, Coq au Vin and fresh fruits paired with a white Ladoix and red Moulin -- a vent and escargot, tender scallops and mousse au chocolat paired with Rose Marsannay.
And that American girl at the Club tonight trying to talk in French, saying Hemingway was the greatest American ecrevisse so far.
Cest une tumeur dure, inegale, raboteuse, ronde & immobile, de couleur cendree, livide ou plombine, environnee de plusieurs veines apparentes & tortues, plaines d'un sang melancolique & limonneux, qui ressemblent au poisson appele cancer mi ecrevisse (5).
aires), el Otro Ilustre Colegio de Pataphysica (Uburriana y Valencia), Ecrevisse (Zaragoza), Pepitas de Calabaza (La Rioja) y Oscar Dedos Agujereados (Palencia).
Comme justement elle est en train de le faire, une grosse ecrevisse qui etait cachee dans l'eau la saisit au pied et ne la lache plus.
For example, Georges Cuvier, the French naturalist (1769-1832), though an Immortel, was not on the dictionary committee; he was shocked to learn that ecrevisse 'crayfish' had been defined as 'a little red fish that walks backward.
4 in every thousand squares: RASPISHER OED raspish adj WASPISHER OED waspish adj FLATCAPPD flat-capp'd, OED wall 16, 1821 q RESPASSES OED respass DOSPASSOS Dos Passos, 1930s author of eg Big Money, 42nd Parallel MISCHIEVD mischiev'd, OED mischeive 3, 1649q, and others HADIWISTS OED hadiwist SPISCATED OED spissated, 1779q STRABISME OED strabism, 1661q ECREVISSE OED ecrevisse FASTPACED fast-paced, OED give 37d, 1964q etc
The Cassolettes range comes in individual clay pots and features Cassolette de St Jacques aux Poireaux (scallops with leeks); Cassolette de la Met sauce Ecrevisse (mixed seafood with crayfish sauce); Cassolette au Crabe sauce au Vin Blanc (crab in white wine sauce) and Cassolette de Volaille a la Reine (chicken, ham and mushrooms in cream sauce with emmental cheese).
Usually known as a crawfish, crawdad, ecrevisse, mud bug, it is highly prized.