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 (ĕk′ro͞o, ā′kro͞o)
A grayish to pale yellow or light grayish-yellowish brown.

[French écru, raw, unbleached, from Old French escru : es-, intensive pref. (from Latin ex-; see ex-) + cru, raw (from Latin crūdus; see kreuə- in Indo-European roots).]


(ˈɛkruː; ˈeɪkruː)
(Colours) a greyish-yellow to a light greyish colour; the colour of unbleached linen
(Colours) of the colour ecru
[C19: from French, from é- (intensive) + cru raw, from Latin crūdus; see crude]


or éc•ru

(ˈɛk ru, ˈeɪ kru)

1. very light brown in color; beige.
2. an ecru color.
[1865–70; < French écru=é- completely (< Latin ex- ex-1) + cru raw (< Latin crūdus; see crude)]
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Noun1.ecru - a very light brownecru - a very light brown      
light brown - a brown that is light but unsaturated


nécru m


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As the new global director of education, Jenkins will be leading efforts in building the educational venues for the new Ecru New York Academy and its satellite locations in New York City, Los Angeles and London.
Even the long dresses of the mothers of the brides couldn't be more different: celebrity doctor Victoria Belo chose a celadon-hued Oscar de la Renta, while beauty queen-actress Gloria Diaz wore a custom ecru Albert Andrada with floral detailing.
All the elements on the black sandwich dial, as well as the hands, are in ecru Super-LumiNova: the figures, the linear indication of the 10-day power reserve, the small seconds dials at 9 o'clock, the calendar and the inscription "Radiomir Panerai".
He added the proximity to Ashley's existing facilities in Ripley and Ecru, rail line service, and location in a Foreign Trade Zone influenced the decision.
Brands include Hobo, Ifeanyi Chuku, Mary Kay, Matisse, BlingGuard, ECRU New York, LuLu*s, Wings Hawaii, Capwell + Co.
Therefore, the customers can use coloured fibre/tops or ecru fibre/tops.
Available in 23 styles, the 'Made with fabric' eyewear collection features designs from Levi's short-sleeved shirt collection in California purple, miniature floral, baked red and ecru coloured nep patterns.
0766 * BOW-large double organza in ecru, $9, and MARY JANES by Naturino in "Falcotto," $63; Shoe Choo Train, 5352 Hwy.
Then she went off to work at her new job at another bank, dressed in a yellow sleeveless top, a form-fitting ecru skirt and tan stiletto peep-toe high heels.
And there, our palette of colors is off-white, ecru, blue,
The fabric has a high natural lustre and its natural colours include ivory, ecru, tan or grey.
No one lives in the house now-- built from the mealy bones of the bank, another box of dust, a mausoleum of linoleum and drywall, unimaginatively ecru and stupid in its inability to open up.