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1. Exogenous.
2. Able to live and develop outside a host, as certain pathogenic microorganisms do.
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These results further implied that ectogenic hTERT significantly lengthens the lifespan of cells, promoting DNA replication and telomere elongation and that hTERT immortality can favor cell proliferation.
As such, ectogenic L-dopa can be converted to dopamine in dopaminergic neurons in the frontal-basal ganglia dopaminergic circuit, allowing it to remain functional.
Being the negative feedback regulator, the ectogenic GC adjusts CRH secretion in the PVN through hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal cortex axis (HPAA), inhibits the stress reaction, modifies the structure of the hippocampus and other limbic systems, and impacts awakening, cognitive, and emotional functions [5,6].