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1. Of or relating to soil, especially as it affects living organisms.
2. Associated with a particular type of soil: an edaphic plant community.

[From Greek edaphos, ground, soil; see sed- in Indo-European roots.]
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(Environmental Science) of or relating to the physical and chemical conditions of the soil, esp in relation to the plant and animal life it supports. Compare biotic2
[C20: from Greek edaphos bottom, soil]
eˈdaphically adv
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(ɪˈdæf ɪk)

related to or caused by particular soil conditions, as of texture or drainage, rather than physiographic or climatic factors.
[< German edaphisch (1898) < Greek édaph(os) ground, soil + German -isch]
e•daph′i•cal•ly, adv.
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These ideas offered a context to envision a set of stages that may lead to the establishment of an edaphically endemic species, from the initial tolerance of an edaphic condition by preadapted genotypes to clear-cut species formation (Kruckeberg, 1986).
TDS and total suspended solids and dissolved solids in water, are very important factors for determining the chemical constituents of the water body also recognized as general of edaphically relation which contributes to improve the productivity of any water body.
The frequency of all major haplotype clusters was highly soil-based in populations studied and up to 40 % of the mtDNA diversity was edaphically dependent, suggesting constrained gene flow.
Forest structure: We assumed that both sites were comparable both climatically and edaphically due to their proximity and similar elevations measured at 30 random points (424 [+ or -] 83 m in TE and 359 [+ or -] 37 m in EP).
Several edaphically limited, and endemic or near-endemic species (Sunset Crater beardtongue [Penstemon clutei], saw phacelia [Phacelia serrata], C.
The planted lands are showing topographically, edaphically, climatically and ecologically changes which are quite visible now when juvenile plants and saplings have turned into thick forests.
Tan, "Nitrogen uptake strategies of edaphically specialized Bornean tree species," Plant Ecology, vol.
Plant competition varies with community composition in an edaphically complex landscape.
These open "cedar glades" can be found in several southeastern states, but it is in the Central Basin of Tennessee where they are most prolific, occurring with xeric limestone prairies, eastern red cedar forests, and hardwood forests as part of an edaphically determined mosaic of habitats (Quarterman et al.
In Pakistan, rice is grown under diverse climatic and edaphically conditions and is divided into 4 distinct agro ecological zones.
This is one of the under developed regions of the country, owing to complexity of climate, edaphically and socio-economic limitations on one hand and significant past history and social customer on other hand.