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Noun1.edaphosaurus - heavy-bodied reptile with a dorsal sail or crestedaphosaurus - heavy-bodied reptile with a dorsal sail or crest; of the late Paleozoic
synapsid, synapsid reptile - extinct reptile having a single pair of lateral temporal openings in the skull
genus Edaphosaurus - type genus of the Edaphosauridae
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Paleoart does reproduce Rudolph Zallinger's The Age of Reptiles, 1947, a 110-footwide fresco, still on view at Yale's Peabody Museum of Natural History, that enraptured Dunham as a boy and chronicles more than three hundred million years of dinosaur life: brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex, Edaphosaurus, and innumerable others line up in a grand procession across eons.
Bakker's team has dug up 39 Dimetrodon specimens, but only one each of Edaphosaurus and Diadectes--large herbivores thought to be prime Dimetrodon cuisine.
And Alexis Rockman's New Mexico Field Drawings, 2017, created specifically for this exhibition, depict some of the titular state's indigenous species, such as the extinct Edaphosaurus and the rare White Sands pupfish, and incorporate locally sourced organic materials.