Edge molding

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(Arch.) a molding whose section is made up of two curves meeting in an angle.

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extensive greenery about 1 510 m 2 - gravel edge strip about 610 m 2 - skylights approx.
Key statement: Provided are a rubber composition for a tire cord topping, a breaker edge strip, a breaker cushion, or a strip adjacent to cords, which achieves a balanced improvement in handling stability, fuel economy, durability, ride quality and adhesion; and pneumatic tires including the same.
3 Stitch together 1 each light gray edge strip, light gray/ pink center strip, and pink edge strip to make Pieced Block (Diagram III-A).
A magnetic strip is attached to the screen metal edge strip.
5m hardened edge strip and verge for use in emergencies.
These took the form of cantilevered concrete wings with edge strip lighting and also incorporated the lucid, precise typography for which Switzerland has achieved a reputation.
Frequently this edge strip isn't consolidated as much as the centre of the quarry.
wide and cut the solid edge strip and nail it in place so the strip falls between the inside faces of the side wings (K1).
Roofing cant and tapered edge strips brochure describes company's FesCant[TM] Plus line, a high-density, laminated perlite-based board that can be fabricated into cant strip and tapered edge strip for both BUR and asphalt-applied modified bitumen roofing systems.
FAA approved, The Cutting Edge Strip Insulation System is made with quality approved materials that meet current FAA flammability and toxicity requirements.
extensive greening / gravel edge strip / separating layer root protection / plastic sealing / wd eps / vapor barrier.
A T-molding can bridge the gap between solid floor surfaces that are at equal heights, in this case, the new flooring and the aluminum carpet edge strip.