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adj. edg·i·er, edg·i·est
1. Nervous or irritable: The performers were edgy as they waited for the show to begin.
2. Having a sharp or biting edge: an edgy wit.
3. Daring, provocative, or trend-setting: an exhibition of edgy photographs; an edgy menu.

edg′i·ly adv.
edg′i·ness n.
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[ˈedʒɪlɪ] ADV [say] → con tono crispado
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(edʒ) noun
1. the part farthest from the middle of something; a border. Don't put that cup so near the edge of the table – it will fall off; the edge of the lake; the water's edge.
2. the cutting side of something sharp, eg a knife or weapon. the edge of the sword.
3. keenness; sharpness. The chocolate took the edge off his hunger.
1. to form a border to. a handkerchief edged with lace.
2. to move or push little by little. He edged his chair nearer to her; She edged her way through the crowd.
ˈedging noun
a border or fringe round a garment. gold edging.
ˈedgy adjective
irritable. That actress is always edgy before a performance.
ˈedgily adverb
ˈedginess noun
have the edge on/over
to have an advantage over. he had the edge over his opponent.
on edge
uneasy; nervous. She was on edge when waiting for her exam results.
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According to him, while they are trying their very best in providing almost free education to Liberian children, detractors are edgily going to their various schools, allegedly discouraging students already enrolled to leave the institution for reasons best known to them.
Buy the Sport version of the newcomer and along with extra goodies like Bose sound, reversing camera and leather trim you will find firmer suspension that works a treat on properly smooth surfaces but turns the car a bit edgily uncomfortable on rougher surfaces.
The Op.80 quartet in F minor is a very different beast - composed after the symphonies and violin concerto - with a whiff of Beethoven in its edgily quiet tremolando opening.
That bravery is what Klopp's football is all about, and is even more crucial when the Reds aren't exactly firing on all cylinders like they weren't here, where they edgily crept to a 1-0 win thanks to Mo Salah's goal.
Putting her guitar away, Stephanie launched into Here I Am, a futuristic pop monster edgily loaded with attitude, propelled along by Don Wilson's pummelling percussion and Garry Aird's bass.
THE edgily styled Toyota C-HR - it stands for Coupe-High Rider - has blazed an impressive trail since its launch in January with its sharp, head-turning style.
THE edgily styled Toyota C-HR - it stands for coupe-high rider - has blazed an impressive trail since its January launch, its sharp style adding a distinctive new choice in the crucial market sector.
After coming on edgily and strong in launching starrers like 'Disturbia,' 'Transformers,' 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' and 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,' Shia LaBeouf seemed to have the film world at his beck and call, and for the picking.
From the moment of her arrival at the airport, Lise searches for the man who is her 'type,' edgily surveying every man in that quest, consistently concluding, 'he's not my type.' Her maniacal laughter, off-putting remarks and frantic behavior would be enough to alarm any man.
Perhaps it was his limited world view that failed to prevent him from issuing an executive order banning the nationals of seven Muslim countries and refugees from Syria to travel to the USA and wait edgily in their home countries for a process called 'extreme vetting.' The order provoked a very negative reaction from around the world as well as from within the United States where thousands took to the streets to protest against Trump's decision and to find novel ways to express their anger.
It was an incredible end to a night that had begun edgily due to the high level of security at the Olympiastadion.
Rather edgily, it went by the name of The English and Continental Bar, so called because, as well as the usual British staples, they went out on the limb of serving "strange foreign stuff" such as their signature hot salt beef sandwiches.