Edging machine

a machine tool with a revolving cutter, for dressing edges, as of boards, or metal plates, to a pattern or templet.

See also: Edging

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The client has his own BIESSE EDGE edging machine STREAM MDS 1.1 / 11.5.
The Aztec UltraEdge is a propane-powered concrete grinding ad edging machine. The Aztec UltraEdge professional concrete grinder and polisher features an aggressive planetary action that is ultra high speed and gear driven.
One of the first machines to benefit from the improved Tsubaki chain design was the chipper edging machine, which profiles the sides of 120 metres of board per minute.
Mfgr's Marble Slabs and Granite counter tops, large mfgr area under roof and large open yard w/overhead 5 ton crane w/55' span, like new edging machine. Agressive buyer can build business with marketing plan.
Making a quality mounting come into the job of the technician and of the lens edging machine.
For large installations, rental of an edging machine is recommended.
It costs only about pounds 50 to hire a sanding and edging machine for the weekend, so if your floorboards are in good nick, this is definitely the best option.
Best Decision You Made in Business We purchased a straight-line edging machine, which expands our ability to provide precision work in-house.
HSS Hire Shops has a hire pack deal which includes a floor sander and edging machine for pounds 49.35 a day - a saving of pounds 12 a day.
It is designed for sorting a raw board from a band saw and edging machine, forming (breaking up) drying packages of sawn timber with sorting into 20 pockets of boards of the same section, provided that the sorting of a raw board and repackaging dry packs at the same time, dense transport packages with a layer-by-layer pruning in the exact size.
Tenders are invited for amc for cnc centering and edging machine
Last February, high speed sewing machine, edging machine, zigzag sewing machine and embroidery sewing machine were provided to the association.