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Noun1.edible seed - many are used as seasoningedible seed - many are used as seasoning    
pumpkin seed - the edible seed of a pumpkin
areca nut, betel nut - seed of betel palm; chewed with leaves of the betel pepper and lime as a digestive stimulant and narcotic in southeastern Asia
water chinquapin - edible nutlike seeds of an American lotus having the flavor of a chinquapin
dika nut - edible oil-rich seed of wild mango
sunflower seed - edible seed of sunflowers; used as food and poultry feed and as a source of oil
cumin seed, cumin - aromatic seeds of the cumin herb of the carrot family
seed - a small hard fruit
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Which four-letter word, beginning with "B", is the edible seed coats of cereal grain removed in the milling process?
Food Safety Minister Damien O'Connor says regulatory changes which come into force on 12 November 2018 mean that hemp seed will be treated as just another edible seed.
The quinoa--an edible seed used in salad and rice dishes and prized for its high nutritional value--is produced by Katan Kitchens, which was conceived by Jamie Draves, who hails originally from Cochrane.
A comic strip which is named after an audience which is named after an edible seed which is named after another edible seed.
NO ENTRY: The kola nut is a caffeine-based edible seed and is often used by Nigerians to show as a gesture of friendship and warmth.
5) Pearl coix-an ancient Chinese and Japanese health and beauty regimen, the edible seed of this type of grass contains a seed which is polished to release a pearl barley.
Yes, one can harvest it for the large edible seed inside (though that calls for wearing gloves, owing to a skin irritant in the fruit flesh).
Which annual plant bears edible seed pods known as ladies' fingers?
PULSES (DAL) SEEDS: Pulse an edible seed grows in a pod.
Hemp seeds are high in protein, rich in vitamins and minerals and are the only edible seed to contain GLA, an essential fatty acid.
1 : the edible seed or seeds of some grasses (as wheat, corn, or oats) or a few other plants (as buckwheat)
- US company Cargill Inc was cleared to acquire full control of Belgian edible seed oil packer Associated Oil Packers bvba (AOP), which it currently owns along with Vandemoortele n.v.