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n. pl. ed·i·tors-at-large (-tərz-)
An editor or writer who contributes to a publication but is not part of the full-time staff.
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editorial board and the America editor-at-large. She will continue to write her two weekly columns and represent the Times at events around the world.
Baker, a former journalist with the BBC, Financial Times and The Times of London who joined the US daily in 2009, will take on a new role as editor-at-large that includes regular writing, hosting conferences and presenting a segment on Fox Business Network.
Matt Murray hasbeen named Editor-in-Chief of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones Newswires, succeeding Gerard Baker, who is to take up a new position as the Journal's Editor-at-Large, which will include regular writing, hosting the paper's expanding network of conferences and events, and television presenting.
Following a year of scandal that has rocked the restaurant industry to its core, Peter Romeo, editor-at-large for Restaurant Business, has pre-emptive advice for food retailers: "All companies today need to train and convince employees they can come forward to blow the whistle on any issue or situation that seems awry," he says, without fear of rank, retribution or risk to job security.
Photographed by #StevenMeisel, styled by #JoeMcKenna, hair by @guidopalau, nails by @jinsoonchoi, make-up by beauty editor-at-large @patmcgrathreal and words by features director @GilesHattersley.
Gulf News editor-at-large Francis Mathew pleaded not guilty to the charge of premeditatedly murdering his wife as he appeared in the courton Wednesday.
Iconic makeup artist Pat McGrath, who is of Jamaican descent, has been appointed as Vogue UK's beauty editor-at-large.
Francis Matthew, editor-at-large of Gulf News, was arrested after his wife Jane Matthew, 62, died on 4 July.
Chelsea Clinton was thoughtful and candid during her conversation with ELLE editor-at-large Rachael Combe for their cover story.
Each day this week, the Scroll will be featuring a post from a writer at JN Magazineshort for "Jewnited Nations"a website "here to change the monochromatic monolithic perception of Judaism." Each post has been commissioned and edited by MaNishtana, the pseudonym of Shais Rishon, a Tablet contributor and editor-at-large at JN Magazine.
The event was hosted by Alina Cho, renowned journalist and newly appointed editor-at-large of Ballantine Bantam Dell.
She took over the reins from Khaled Almaeena, who has now became the editor-at-large.