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Noun1.editorial department - the department of a publishing business that edits material for publication
business department - a division of a business firm
city desk, city room - the editorial department of a newspaper that edits the local news
sports desk - the editorial department of a newspaper that edits the sports news
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Please send donations to Give A Child Health Fund, Sunday Mercury, Editorial Department, 8th Floor, 60 Church Street, Birmingham, B3 2DJ.
Sleiman was greeted by SPA Acting President, Ahmad bin Ibrahim Al-Awad, and Director General of the Editorial Department, Ali Ben Hajad Al-Zahrani.
Noonan went on to serve nine years as a senior writer and senior editor for Newsweek, where he headed the health and medicine editorial department. In 2011, he became the national affairs editor for Reader's Digest.
The Kazak delegation was informed about the practical details of how news was produced and edited at KUNA, the role played by each editorial department in the news-making process.
It is my pleasure, however, to tell you that the Rubber World editorial department will continue in very capable hands with Jill Rohrer, Rubber Worlds long-time managing editor, taking over the top editorial post.
She previously worked in the editorial department of the New York Times, researching and writing articles on education.
Just before Christmas, the GRIT editorial department forwarded a letter written to me by a subscriber, Doris Zankowsky in Norris, Montana, who'd read my article on chokecherries ("Pucker Up!" November/ December 2009).
You can email our editorial department at editorial@examiner.co.uk or phone 01484 430000.
Uncle Len S end your letters, drawings and photos to Club Corner, Chipper Club, Editorial Department, Birmingham Mail, PO Box 78, Weaman Street, Birmingham B4 6AY.
Police say two men invaded the editorial department and held several reporters at gunpoint including, Editor-in-Chief, Adam Harris.
"Michaelle has done a great job since shifting from her position as classified sales manager to the editorial department," said Rich Christianson, associate publisher and editorial director.
Visitors (from left) Anisa Younis, Kamardeep Kular, Harbans Riat, Vijay Bangar, Katy Walters and Lisa Stockhill in the Evening Telegraph's editorial department with marketing executive Cally Spinks' D31203_2