editorial we

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editorial we

The first-person plural pronoun used by an editorialist in expressing the opinion or point of view of a publication's management.
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pron.pl., poss. our or ours,
1. nominative plural of I.
2. (used to denote oneself and another or others, specifically or generally): We have two children. We often take good health for granted.
3. (used in the predicate following a copulative verb): It is we who should thank you.
4. Also called the royal we. (used by a sovereign or other high officials and dignitaries in place of I in formal speech.)
5. Also called the editorial we . (used by editors, writers, etc., to avoid the personal I or to represent a collective viewpoint.)
6. you (used familiarly, often with mild condescension or sarcasm): We know we've been naughty, don't we?
[before 900; Middle English; Old English wē, c. Old Saxon wī, wē, Old High German wir, Old Norse vēr, Gothic weis]
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