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Capable of being educated or taught: educable youngsters.

ed′u·ca·bil′i·ty n.
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[ˌedjʊkəˈbɪlɪtɪ] Neducabilidad f
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Moreover, one sees the influence of a spate of recent research in neuroscience, neuropsychology and neurobiology pertaining to learning and development that makes explicit reference to moral intelligence as an inherent feature of human development (Churchland, 2012; Sternberg, 2004) and moreover that moral exploration is an especially powerful way in which vital cognitive functions essential to educability are enlivened (Narvaez, 2013, 2014).
Undernutrition's most damaging effect occurs during pregnancy and in the first two years of life, and the effect of this early damage on health, brain development, intelligence, educability, and reproductive is largely irreversible [6, 7, 9].
Arguably, more than the question of a child's innate criminality or educability, it is this "docibility" or "tractability" toward adults which is central to Defoe's successful representation of the boy thief as a rather endearing figure worthy of the reader's charity.
Spatial thinking and young children: Neurologic evidence for early development and "educability." Journal of Geography, 106(5), 181-191.
It should certainly be acknowledged that the experiences of fragility and sense of crisis accompany education in a society identified with the choice of continuing possibilities, but in the face of such a context, the author points out the need to link education, potential of educability of the people and the meaning to attribute to the formation of identity.
Interestingly, Macpherson et al.'s [5] results suggest a positive correlation of higher doses with the recall of information and that there is a strong link between medication dose and change in knowledge scores (which they label as educability).
Following components educability of motricity, we will try to synthesize those forms that overlap with pedagogical approach.
Lyons, To Wash an Aethiop White: British ideas about Black African educability 1530-1960], Journal of African History 17 (3): 467-9.
This led to the inception of the field of social pedagogy, which to the present day characteristically enmeshes social aid and social control, and combines supportive with restrictively corrective measures, based on nebulous social ideals of normality and associated with debates about the "limits of educability" (Peukert, 1997: 321f) (6).
80) found it "disconcerting" that Plato's "sole ground" for his claim about the educability of the Guardians "is an analogy with animals".