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Noun1.educational institution - an institution dedicated to educationeducational institution - an institution dedicated to education
institution, establishment - an organization founded and united for a specific purpose
preschool - an educational institution for children too young for elementary school
school - an educational institution; "the school was founded in 1900"
school - an educational institution's faculty and students; "the school keeps parents informed"; "the whole school turned out for the game"
college - an institution of higher education created to educate and grant degrees; often a part of a university
university - a large and diverse institution of higher learning created to educate for life and for a profession and to grant degrees
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Wopsle's great-aunt, besides keeping this Educational Institution, kept - in the same room - a little general shop.
These were the ambitious youths of the race, at work with an earnestness that put to shame the conventional student life of most educational institutions. Another song rolled up along the rafters.
4200 of 2018 (the 'Decree') pertaining to the establishment of International Branch Campuses ('IBC(s)') of foreign universities in Egypt provide two paths for foreign universities to establish an IBC in Egypt: (i) by applying directly before the Ministry of Higher Education (the 'Ministry'); or (ii) by applying through an Educational Institution.
The right to admit students is an essential facet of the right to administer educational institution of their choice, as contemplated under Article 30 of the Constitution.
All the government and private sector educational institution under administrative control of the Federal Directorate of Education will remain closed on Nov 2 Friday (today) due to precarious security situation.
This means that a 'qualifying educational institution' shall not charge VAT on the zero rated educational services they provide, and will be able to recover the VAT they pay on related costs when they file their tax returns.
'It is clear and unmistakable from the aforequoted constitutional provision that non-stock, non-profit educational institutions are constitutionally exempt from tax on all revenues derived in pursuance of their purpose as an educational institution and used actually, directly and exclusively for educational purposes.
This bill permits beneficiaries of prepaid contracts to transfer the benefits of a prepaid contract to any eligible educational institution as defined in [section]529 of the Internal Revenue Code.
The Oxford Educational Institution, Bangalore is known for academic excellence and covers the whole gamut of needs from primary level to post graduate level in the academic fields of teacher's training, management, hospitality, industry, science, engineering, information technology, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, dental education and medical courses.
* Second, we must totally embrace the truth that camps are a unique educational institution whose focus on youth development is not only unique but, at this time in the evolution of our culture, desperately needed.
In an educational institution, a stakeholder analysis would start by identifying the obvious and well-known stakeholders: students, faculty, and administrators.
221(d) defines this as a loan obtained to refinance other qualified education loans or to pay qualified higher education expenses (QHEEs) for an eligible student at an eligible educational institution. The "eligible student" can be the taxpayer or his or her spouse or dependent.

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