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Noun1.eelblenny - eellike fishes found in subarctic coastal waters
prickleback - small elongate fishes of shallow northern seas; a long dorsal fin consists entirely of spines
genus Lumpenus, Lumpenus - a genus of Stichaeidae
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Pacific sand lance; Pacific herring, Clupea pal las ii; and slender eelblenny, Lumpenus fabricii, were each represented at 5% FO (Table 2).
One otolith from a slender eelblenny was measured but no conversion was available.
Species that were good discriminators between gear types were capelin (seine) and slender eelblenny (trawl), and unidentified small sculpins were the most common taxa caught with both gear types.
Arctic cod dominated trawl catches (56% of total catch), and Arctic cod, slender eelblenny (Lumpenus fabricii) and unidentified small sculpins accounted for 87% of the total trawl catch.