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Any of various often parasitic nematode worms, many of which are pests of agricultural crops or garden plants.
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(Animals) any of various nematode worms, esp the wheatworm and the vinegar eel
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any small nematode worm of the family Anguillulidae, esp. one that is a parasite on plants.
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Noun1.eelworm - any of various small free-living plant-parasitic roundworms
nematode, nematode worm, roundworm - unsegmented worms with elongated rounded body pointed at both ends; mostly free-living but some are parasitic
Anguillula aceti, Turbatrix aceti, vinegar eel, vinegar worm - minute eelworm that feeds on organisms that cause fermentation in e.g. vinegar
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It is a nematode, or parasitic eelworm, which occurs naturally.
ADRIENNE SAYS: These are classic symptoms of a stem and bulb eelworm attack.
ADRIENNE SAYS: They are infected with Narcissus Eelworm, The pests will already be in the soil and feed on every bulb nearby.
Soil that is infected with the spores of the disease known as Shanking and eelworm pests should not be used for five years.
Mr Fothergill's (01638 751887) has six to choose from, including Rocket, Kestrel and Maris Piper which are resistant to golden eelworm, blackleg and blight.
But the best way to banish them for good is to use a naturally-occurring microscopic eelworm which invades the grubs' bodies and kills them outright.
Amongst the best second earlies are Nadine, a relative newcomer that is winning prizes on the exhibition table nationwide, has a great flavour and is very resistant to eelworm.
3 Eelworm army advances - if you take a look at you might be surprised at the new 2009 range of products they now have on offer to help reduce some of our garden pests.
White rust and leaf eelworm affects chrysanthemums, while whitefly, red spider mite and mealybugs love basking in the heat of greenhouses and conservatories.
A new variety of main crop potato called Rubesse is said to have eelworm resistance and disease resistance (I wonder which diseases?) - try it for yourself and let me know.
When buying phlox, beware of twisted, contorted or curled foliage - a sure sign of phlox eelworm.
If you'v e got Phlox and all the lower leaves shrivel up and go brown, there is a good chance that this is Phlox eelworm.