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n. pl. ef·fen·dis
1. Used as a title of respect for men in Turkey, equivalent to sir.
2. An educated or respected man in the Near East.

[Turkish efendi, from Medieval Greek aphentēs, master, alteration of Greek authentēs; see authentic.]


n, pl -dis
1. (Historical Terms) (in the Ottoman Empire) a title of respect used to address men of learning or social standing
2. (in Turkey since 1934) the oral title of address equivalent to Mr
[C17: from Turkish efendi master, from Modern Greek aphentēs, from Greek authentēs lord, doer; see authentic]


(ɪˈfɛn di)

n., pl. -dis.
1. a former Turkish title of respect, esp. for government officials.
2. (in E Mediterranean countries) a man who is a member of the aristocracy.
[1605–15; < Turkish efendi < Modern Greek, Greek authentḗs doer, master. See authentic]
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Noun1.effendi - a former Turkish term of respect; especially for government officials
Turk - a native or inhabitant of Turkey
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